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PGL Stockholm CS:GO Sticker Crafts

Some Suggestions For The New PGL 21 Stickers

Today we will be looking at some cool crafts with the new PGL Stockholm 2021 stickers. We didn´t implement prices for now, cause they are still pretty newly out.

Feel free to share your crafts under our post on Twitter or comment which of ours you like most.

by @Bastert55

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Table of Content

Tec-9 | Decimator

As our first craft, we have a colorful Tec-9. The base skin we chose is the Decimator. A great complimention would be the stickers from Sharks Esport in the holo version as these stickers have a similiar blue and red color scheme.

Bild 1

Desert Eagle | Code Red

Next up we have a sublte craft, the red and white Heroic stickers match well with the base skin but still stand out.

Bild 2

MP7 | Bloodsport

As our third skin we have another red & white one. This time using four Mouz holos. As the craft above they stand out while still matching well with the skin.

Bild 3

MAG-7 | Heat

Next we got a fiery skin, with the MAG-7 Heat. We combined it with four Copenhagen Flames holos. The sticker fits very nicely color wise aswell as symbolic.

Bild 4

M4A1-S | Leaded Glass

For our fifth we have a pretty cool craft. The A1 Leaded Glass with four Vitality holos. This idea came from @conzeptalready, who did the craft earlier this week.

Bild 5

AWP | Neo Noir

Lastly we have a well matching AWP craft, using four Liquid holos. The colors of the Liquid logo matches perfectly with the Neo Noir. This idea came from @ValveSquad, who already crafted on the M4 and USP-s.

Bild 6

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