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CS:GO - Daily summary 04.12.2021

All results and short reports 04.12.2021

Topic: Daily CS:GO Summary 04.12.2021

Many more decider games took place today at IEM Winter 2021. We summarized them all below. Enjoy reading.

By @jAlexCSGO

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Table of Content

13:30 CET fnatic vs. BIG - 2:1

An amazing duel between fnatic and BIG. After a clear defeat on the first map fnatic managed to come back and win it out in the end. BIG is out of the event with that.
Inferno (7:16), Mirage (16:13), Nuke (19:17)

13:30 CET FaZe vs. Gambit - 1:2

Another great showing by FaZe Clan, but in the end Gambit managed to win it out and continue in the event.
Inferno (16:13), Overpass (22:25), Ancient (10:16)

18:00 CET Liquid vs. NiP - 0:2

Liquid couldnĀ“t keep up the good performances today and lost out pretty clearly against NiP.
Mirage (6:16), Inferno (12:16)

18:00 CET Vitality vs. G2 - 1:2

In the first upper-bracket final G2 kept up the great form since the Major and also won out against the French top-team.
Vertigo (16:14), Mirage (14:16), Inferno (9:16)

20:00 CET Virtus.Pro vs. GODSENT - 2:0

Although GODSENT showed another great performance on Mirage Virtus.Pro was just too strong today.
Mirage (16:14), Dust2 (16:7)

20:00 CET fnatic vs. Gambit - 1:2

Another really intense game for Gambit, but the result for the Russians was great today.
Inferno (19:16), Vertigo (19:22), Overpass (4:16)

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