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CS:GO - Daily summary 10.03.2021

All results and short reports 10.03.2021

Today the finals of Snow Sweet Snow 2 (winner: HAVU), the next duels at Pinnacle Cup (winners: Apeks, Dignitas, GODSENT and Sinners), as well as the third round of ESL Pro League took place.

Table of Content

12:00 CET AGO vs. CPH Flames - 2:1

The Polish team won against the sensational winner of the quarterfinals on three exciting maps with 2:1 and thus entered the final.
Train (16:10), Vertigo (10:16), Nuke (16:12)

13:00 CET Dignitas vs. Lyngby Vikings - 2:0

Dignitas won today against Lyngby Vikings. Strong performance of the Swedes.
Vertigo (16:06), Nuke (19:17)

12:00 CET Renegades vs. OG - 0:2

OG secured the second victory in the third match at the ESL Pro League against Renegades.
Inferno (12:16), Nuke (06:16)

15:30 CET Heroic vs. FPX - 2:0

Heroic also won the third match in a row against FunPlus Phoenix and thus leads the group A.
Inferno (16:10), Overpass (16:13)

15:00 CET HAVU vs. EPG Family - 2:1

HAVU continued its winning run and qualified for the final game against Winstrike.
Train (12:16), Mirage (16:04), Dust2 (16:11)

19:00 CET AGO vs. HAVU - 0:2

HAVU seems to be unbeatable at the moment and also won the final of Snow Sweet Snow 2. A great success for the Finnish lineup.
Nuke (08:16), Mirage (11:16)

19:00 CET BIG vs. Complexity - 2:0

BIG was clearly stronger today and especially k1to was unstoppable today. Great performance of the German team.
Mirage (16:12), Dust2 (16:07)

19:00 CET aTTaX vs. Nemiga - 1:2

The German team had to admit defeat against Nemiga today. Two weak maps on Nuke and Inferno.
Nuke (03:16), Vertigo (16:14), Inferno (09:16)

19:00 CET SINNERS vs. EXTREMUM - 2:1

Sinners won the Pinnacle Cup against EXTREMUM today. A great success for the Czech team.
Vertigo (16:14), Inferno (12:16), Nuke (16:09)

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