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CS:GO - Daily summary 10.05.2021

All results and short reports 10.05.2021

Today the first matches at the Flashpoint 3 took place. Thus the European teams start into the Major qualification process. With the victory of DBL PONEY the first big surprise of the event took place today. But more about that in a moment.

Table of Content

18:00 CET Vitality vs. DBL PONEY - 0:2

In the first round of the tournament today the newly formed lineup of DBL PONEY, which participates in the event together with Stand-In NBK-, won against Vitality. One of the most disappointing defeats in the history of the French top team.
Nuke (05:16), Inferno (07:16)

21:00 CET Astralis vs. OG - 2:0

Astralis managed to take revenge today for the clear defeat in the last direct duel between the two teams. Especially Xyp9x and gla1ve, who recently had to struggle with their individual game, were able to show off again today. A strong series on the part of the Danes.
Inferno (22:19), Nuke (16:11)

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