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CS:GO - Daily summary 10.10.2021

All results and short reports 10.10.2021

Today, Sunday, not only the grand final of the IEM Europe took place, but also three placement matches. More about that in a moment. Today, the final decisions were made about the teams participating in the major. The following teams have made it: NAVI, Gambit, G2, FURIA, Vitality, Evil Geniuses, Liquid, Spirit, Mousesports, FaZe, Copenhagen Flames, Virtus.Pro, Astralis, ENCE, Entropiq, paiN, TYLOO, Heroic, Sharks, Movistar Riders, BIG, GODSENT, Renegades, BIG

by @jAlexCSGO

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Table of Content

13:00 CET CPH Flames vs. Fiend - 2:0

In the fight for seventh place and important points in the race for the Major places, Copenhagen Flames won against Fiend on two more than tight maps today. With the victory in today's match, the Danish team qualified for the Major, while Fiend will not be represented.
Nuke (19:16), Inferno (28:25)

17:00 CET Movistar Riders vs. G2 - 2:1

With the victory in today's match, Movistar Riders also secured a place at the Major. This was already held by G2. A great performance by the Spanish team, who eventually finished in fifth place.
Mirage (10:16), Vertigo (16:08), Ancient (16:14)

17:00 CET NiP vs. ENCE - 3:1

In the grand final of the event, the Swedish top team prevailed over ENCE. Three of the four maps played were relatively clear, while Ancient was highly contested. A great win for device and his team with a view to the Major.
Overpass (16:08), Mirage (07:16), Ancient (16:14), Nuke (16:06)

21:00 CET Vitality vs. Astralis - 2:0

Another clear defeat on the part of Astralis, who are qualified for the Major anyway and can probably live well with fourth place in the event.
Nuke (16:06), Vertigo (16:05)

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