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CS:GO - Daily summary 16.12.2020

All results and short reports 16.12.2020

Today both the semifinals and finals of the Nine to Five 7 and the next group matches of the IEM Global Challenge took place. Results and short reports can be found in the following article.

Table of Content

09:00 CET forZe vs. Cloud9 - 2:0

Surprisingly clear the Russian underdog managed the victory against Cloud9. Mainly due to further disastrous performances on the part of AWP woxic, the international lineup had to admit defeat on Mirage and Nuke. ForZe managed to advance to the final game throughout this match.
Mirage (16:5), Nuke (16:14)

12:00 CET Gambit vs. forZe - 2:0

In the final match between the two Russian teams, Gambit prevailed on Mirage and Overpass and was crowned the winner of the MIDNITE Nine to Five 7. 35,000 USD are awarded as prize money for this event.
Mirage (16:12), Overpass (19:17)

12:00 CET Liquid vs. Heroic - 2:0

Surprisingly clearly, Team Liquid managed to defeat their Danish rival and favorite. After a few weak weeks, the North American team came back stronger from the two-week break and will face NAVI tomorrow for a spot in the playoffs.
Inferno (16:11), Nuke (16:14)

15:30 CET Vitality vs. Complexity - 2:0

As expected, the French won clearly against Complexity, which was short of players. Stand-In ottoNd had a hard time finding his way into the team in the short time and also the remaining players were not on their usual level in today's duel. Thus Complexity was eliminated from the IEM Global Challenge.
Nuke (16:09), Dust2 (16:03)

19:00 CET BIG vs. Astralis - 2:0

The biggest surprise of today was the BIG Clan, after a narrow victory on Vertigo the German top team also convinced on Dust2 and is now qualified for the playoffs. Astralis meets Vitality in the duel for elimination.
Vertigo (22:19), Dust2 (16:10)

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