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CS:GO - Daily summary 28.10.2021

All results and short reports 28.10.2021

On the third day of the PGL Major in Stockholm, three more teams qualified for the new Legends Stage, while three other teams were eliminated from the event. Tomorrow, Friday, the final duels for the remaining promotion spots will take place.
Advanced: Copenhagen Flames, FaZe, Entropiq, ENCE, Virtus.Pro
Unsecured (2:2): Mousesports, Astralis, Spirit, BIG, Heroic, Movistar Riders
Excluded: TYLOO, Renegades, Sharks, paiN, GODSENT

by @jAlexCSGO

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Table of Content

10:00 CET Heroic vs. Entropiq - 1:2

Heroic also failed to fix the promotion in their second opportunity. Against Entropiq the Danes showed a weak performance on Mirage after a tight second map. Entropiq managed thus quite surprisingly to advance! Congratulations!
Ancient (16:10), Nuke (14:16), Mirage (4:16)

10:00 CET Virtus.Pro vs. Spirit - 2:1

Virtus.Pro could prevail in the duel of the CIS teams and fix the promotion. Spirit will have another chance to play for advancement tomorrow.
Inferno (16:7), Ancient (12:16), Overpass (19:15)

13:00 CET Movistar Riders vs. TYLOO - 2:1

Between Movistar Riders and TYLOO it was about the elimination from the event. On a thrilling third map, the Spaniards finally prevailed and have the chance to qualify for the Legends Stage tomorrow.
Inferno (16:14), Mirage (7:16), Vertigo (19:16)

13:00 CET BIG vs. ENCE - 1:2

In the third advancement duel of the day ENCE won against the German top team BIG. Especially dycha showed an incredible performance and the mixed team finally won clearly after losing the first map.
Dust2 (16:10), Mirage (8:16), Nuke (10:16)

17:00 CET Astralis vs. paiN - 2:0

Astralis had to fight against elimination again today after their two defeats in the first two games. After a commanding first map, the Danes struggled at first on Ancient. However, after a score of 8:15, Astralis turned the game around and kicked paiN out of the event in overtime. Unbelievable.
Nuke (16:8), Ancient (19:16).

17:00 CET mousesports vs. Renegades - 2:1

After a defeat on the first map, Mouz finally secured their stay in the event. Like all teams, tomorrow is crucial for Mousesports. Renegades showed nevertheless a solid Event!
Mirage (14:16), Inferno (16:10), Vertigo (16:6)

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