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Astralis vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Do or die between Astralis and G2

Astralis vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Do or die between Astralis and G2

In the lower-bracket semi-final, Astralis and G2, two rather unexpected teams meet one another. While Astralis already lost to NAVI on the first matchday, G2 had to admit defeat against the German BIG Clan in a close third map.

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At BLAST Premier, a total of eight teams compete for a place in the Global Finals and around 400,000 USD in prize money. All games will continue to be played online and in the Server Region Europe.

Date and provider

The match between Astralis and G2 will take place live on 11.12.2020 at 4.30 p.m. (CET). The matchup will be broadcasted in numerous languages, BLAST Premier itself will provide the original English stream. As usual, 99Damage will take care of the German stream.

Astralis - Latest performance & results

Astralis returned to their old strength at the DreamHack and won their first tournament in some time with victories over Liquid, G2, Gambit, FURIA and mousesports. After several difficult months, during which two players, gla1ve and Xy9nx, had health problems, the Danish star team is now back in full strength.

At the BLAST Premier Fall Astralis started unluckily in the duel with NAVI and lost after a solid lead with 2:1 on the decision maker Dust2. So the team immediately slipped into the lower-bracket and played for elimination from the second round on.

In their second duel against Mousesports they didn't give the mixed team a chance and won with 2-0 and single-digit Nuke and Vertigo each. This performance was more than convincing and expected strong. Between Astralis and G2 the odds speak relatively clearly for the Danish top team.

G2 - Latest performance & results

The mixed team of G2 was considered a likely candidate for the top three places in the world ranking after the signing of NiKo. Currently, however, the team could not convince at all. Defeats against FURIA and Astralis followed an embarrassing duel with the BIG Clan.

The quality or strength of the German stars should not be diminished at all. With the signing of one of the best players in the world and a practically completely formed dream team, G2 should not lose to BIG. The performance on Dust2 started well, but a solid lead was almost lost in the final spurt.

On the T-side, the IGL nexa team seemed to have no plans or ideas and simply did not deserve to win. With the hope that NiKo will somehow manage it, the team individually showed too little and the performances of nexa and huNter- have been going downhill since the new signing. In the duel with Astralis, G2 is an underdog given the odds.

Astralis vs. G2 - Map-Veto prediction

While Astralis has always decided against Mirage, G2 bans Overpass due to lack of success. Between Astralis and G2 is the tip regarding the maps on Inferno and Dust2.

Astralis vs. G2 - Prediction

In the duel with Astralis, G2 has to improve both individually and tactically. Bad mid-round decisions, missing aim and lack of consistency cost the mixed team victories in past duels. The team around IGL nexa lost three of their last four games and will continue this losing streak against Astralis.

Both on Inferno and on Dust2 we expect a victory out of the Danes and we are curious if G2 will be able to improve until tomorrow evening. Due to the low odds we risk a 2:1 tip on Astralis and hope for an improvement on G2.

Winner bet: Astralis
EsportFire Tip: Astralis 2:1

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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