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Astralis vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite?

Astralis vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite?

Due to the defeat of G2s against FURIA, two of the current best European teams meet one another in the lower-bracket semi-final. "Do or die" is the motto of this encounter. One of the two top teams will leave the DreamHack Winter after this game, while the other team will advance to the playoffs.

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The DreamHack Masters Winter is being held online due to current circumstances and a total of 16 teams participated in the tournament. With ENCE, c0ntact, Liquid and Nemiga four teams already had to go home.

Date and provider

The match between Astralis and G2 will be broadcast live on 03.12.2020 at 4.30 p.m. DreamHack itself provides an English Cast and the commentators around Frankie Ward will likewise offer an exciting preliminary show for all spectators. The 99Damage will also broadcast a German stream on their official Twitch channel.

Astralis - Latest performance & results

Astralis, the best known and most successful team in this sport, was able to regain its old strength in the past weeks. Due to pressure and mental problems, Xyp9x and gla1ve resigned from the team for the time being in mid 2020. After some hard months the team is now complete again and since this week the former IGL gla1ve has taken over his role from magisk again.

After a quite surprising defeat on the first matchday against GODSENT, Astralis showed their quality in the game against Liquid. Xyp9x reported in an interview after the match that the players individually put in a lot of work to get back to their old form.

All in all, Astralis managed to win three of their last five matches and is generally performing very well again. It will be very difficult for G2 to beat the Danes. In the duel Astralis vs. G2 there are odds of about 1.50 on the favorites.

G2 - Latest performance & results

The European mixed team with Spanish organization decided to change players three times last year and signed three absolute star players with huNter-, nexa and NiKo. Moving away from a French team, which ultimately had little success, to an international top team.

G2 also managed to win three of their last five games and NiKo in particular has shown incredible performances since his signing. On Mirage the Bosnian played practically alone and finished the match with 33:17.

All in all it wasn't enough for the mixed team to win against FURIA, so G2 now has to beat the Danish top team in the lower-bracket to continue playing at DreamHack Winter.

Astralis vs. G2 - Map-Veto prediction

While Astralis always ban Mirage by default, G2 decided against overpass due to weak performances. The Danes have meanwhile turned away from their traditional Pick Nuke due to lack of success. The team around IGL gla1ve discovered Inferno anew. G2 likes to pick Dust2, but does not feel uncomfortable on Nuke and Mirage either.

Between Astralis and G2 the tip regarding the maps is on Inferno and Dust2. All in all Astralis will feel very comfortable on all possible maps from G2.

Astralis vs. G2 - Prediction

Between Astralis and G2 a tip for a 2-0 success of the favourite Astralis is tempting. G2 could convince in the duel with FURIA just on Mirage and this only thanks to NiKo. Bet365 for example offers odds of 2.75. A stake of 5 units is appropriate for this tip.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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