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BIG vs. Astralis Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite

BIG vs. Astralis Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite

The Consolidation Final of the BLAST Premier Fall is a competition for second place in the final. While the winner advances one round, the loser is eliminated from the tournament.

Only three teams remain in the tournament. Besides NAVI, FURIA, G2, OG and mousesports are already eliminated in the double elimination event.

Table of Content

While Astralis was already in the lower-bracket from the second round after a defeat against NAVI, BIG even reached the upper-bracket final after two wins at tournament start with Vitality. The French are the first team to qualify for the final and have to wait for their opponent in this game.

Date and provider

The match between BIG and Astralis will be broadcast live on 13.12.2020 at 4.30 p.m. (CET) in many languages. While BLAST itself will provide an original English stream on Twitch and Youtube.

BIG - Latest performance & results

The German team was the big surprise of the BLAST Premier Fall Series and after a botched performance at Flashpoint2, where they were eliminated after only two games, they convinced everyone at BLAST.

A sovereign victory and thus the revenge for the duel at Flashpoint the team succeeded against the mixed team of OG. The big surprise followed on the second matchday in the duel with G2. On the third and decisive map the German team prevailed against the favorite G2. After a quite clear defeat on Inferno, the team clearly prevailed on their Map-Pick Dust2. Decider Mirage was marked by a weak performance of G2 on the T-side.

In the upper-bracket final BIG surprisingly picked Vertigo and overtook Vitality with a 16:9 on their Map-Pick. But what followed was historic and above all embarrassing. With 16:1 and 16:2 the French star team won on Inferno and Dust2 and sent BIG into lower-bracket. Between BIG and Astralis the odds speak quite clearly for the Danish top team.

Astralis - Latest performance & results

Astralis, historically the most successful and strongest team of all times, is back to its old form after two health failures in 2020. After a few mixed months with several stand-ins, the team was complete again last week at the DreamHack Winter and gla1ve took over the role of the IGL again.

What followed was a dominant tournament win. As the favorite, the team made it to the BLAST Fall Finals, but was surprisingly beaten in a duel with NAVI on the first day of the event.

The Danes mastered the lower-bracket with excellence and defeated mousesports, G2 and NAVI 2:0 each. Even though some maps were tight, the Danes' performance was sovereign all in all. In the duel with BIG, Astralis is the clear favourite for the consolidation final, given the odds.

BIG vs. Astralis - Map-Veto prediction

The tip regarding the maps is between BIG and Astralis on Inferno and Dust2. As bans the two teams will decide for Train and Mirage. Given the victory odds, practically every map is in Astralis' advantage.

BIG vs. Astralis - Prediction

Between BIG and Astralis all preliminary reports clearly speak for a victory of the Danes. The last direct games, the map veto and also the recent results of the two teams are clearly out of favour for Astralis.

The bookmakers have also recognized this and based on the odds. In this duel we advise against betting on this game. If you´re willing to take a bit risk, we would recommend a 2:1 tip for the Danes and hope for a dream performance by BIG on their map pick.

Winner bet: Astralis
EsportFire Tip: Astralis 2:1

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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