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FaZe vs. Complexity Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Olofmeister as a long term replacement for NiKo?

FaZe vs. Complexity Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Olofmeister as a long term replacement for NiKo?

While FaZe clearly lost against Spirit on the first day of the DreamHack Masters, Complexity showed a solid performance against ENCE in the opening round. While the FaZe clan had a rather weak opponent in the lower bracket against c0ntact, Complexity was involved in a sensational duel of the first round winners. With 0:2 and 5:16 on both maps the team lost against the Russian Gambit.

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All games of the DreamHack Masters are still played online and the server region is Europe. The betting providers clearly prefer the team around blameF between FaZe and Complexity with odds of 1.40.

Date and provider

The game between FaZe and Complexity takes place on 03.12.2020 live at 13:00. For an English broadcasting the official channel of the DreamHack provides itself, while the 99Damage takes care of a German Cast.

FaZe - Latest performance & results

The FaZe Clan is an Esport organization founded in 2010, which became famous for its COD players. The team entered CS:GO in early 2016 with the signing of the former G2 Roster.

With the departure of NiKo to G2 the team lost not only their team leader but also coach YNk, from whom FaZe also separated. Due to the current situation, the Swede Olof "olofmeister" Gustafsson returned to the active lineup and is currently helping out the team. If or when a new fifth player will be signed by FaZe is not yet clear.

While the team did not have a bad run at the IEM Beijing-Haidian with wins against OG and Vitality, the BLAST Premier Fall as well as the DreamHack Masters did not go quite as planned. Between FaZe and Complexity there are odds on the outsider FaZe up to 3.00.

Complexity - Latest performance & results

Complexity is an e-sports organization founded in 2003 and led by CEO Jason Lake, one of the most significant figures in the sport. The year 2020 was a turbulent one for Complexity, culminating in a tournament win at BLAST Spring against Vitality.

After oBo left the team at the end of October due to private problems, Complexity found a great replacement in the Australian jks. Complexity managed to win five of their last seven games and especially the IEM Beijing went very well with wins against fnatic, NAVI and BIG.

After their opening win against ENCE at DreamHack the team disgraced themselves against the Russian underdog Gambit. In the duel with FaZe there are odds of about 1.40 available for complexity.

FaZe vs. Complexity - Map-Veto prediction

While FaZe decides against Vertigo by default, Complexity bans Inferno. Concerning the map veto, our tip is on Mirage and Overpass between FaZe and Complexity.

FaZe vs. Complexity - Prediction

Between FaZe and Complexity, the odds on a tip for favorite Complexity are not very tempting. However, we will refrain from making an outsider bet in this duel due to the expected clear superiority of Complexity. The map pool of FaZe is very mixed and Complexity will enter the duel fully focused after their disappointing defeat at Gambit.

Between FaZe and Complexity we bet our tip with a stake of 4 units on a 2:0 success on the part of Complexity. Odds of 2.25 are available for example at Bet365.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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