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ForZe vs. Cloud9 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Cloud9 as favorite

ForZe vs. Cloud9 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Cloud9 as favorite

The Nine to Five 7 is heading into the final phase. Between ForZe and Cloud9, we are already in the semifinals and will play for the first final spot in tomorrow's opening match. While at the MIDNITE Nine to Five most teams had to play their way through a group stage in the swiss system, four teams were invited directly into the playoffs.

With Cloud9, forZe and Gambit three of them made it to the next round and only Endpoint had to admit defeat in their opening match and had to go home already.

Table of Content

A total of 20 teams were represented in the swiss system at the Nine to Five. Eight of these made it into the playoffs. Total prize money is offered in the amount of 50,000 USD. The server region is Europe and all playoffs matches will be played as single-elimination bo3.

Date and provider

In its schedule, the Nine to Five has adapted to the major tournaments and tries not to collapse into the times of BLAST and IEM. Accordingly, the match between forZe and Cloud9 on 16.12.2020 will already take place at 9.00 a.m.(CET). The match will be broadcast by the official channel of TEB in English.

forZe - Latest performance & results

ForZe is a top team from the CIS region and one of the best Tier 2 teams. With numerous successful qualifications, the team regularly manages to knock on the door of the S-tier scene, but the breakthrough has so far failed to materialize.

ForZe consists of numerous experienced Russian top players. Alongside xsepower, facecrack in particular has made a name for himself. The team has already recorded a total of three tournament successes this year. All of them in Tier-2 events of the Malta Vibes, where the team competed several weeks in a row.

The result at Flashpoint2, which took place about two weeks ago, was particularly disappointing. After a successful tournament start in the duel with Envy, defeats in the duels against BIG, MIBR and Dignitas followed and thus the early elimination. In the duel between forZe and Cloud9, the odds clearly put the Russian team as the underdog.

Cloud9 - Latest performance & results

Cloud9 is a newly formed top team, which was built around IGL ALEX and has been actively playing together for about three months. The team was not able to meet the high expectations at the beginning and had to record some weak performances at their first appearances.

However, this is normal for new teams, it will be more interesting to see Cloud9 after the winter break. Around a month, starting next week, all teams have time to prepare for the upcoming season.

All in all, Cloud9 won three of their last five games and still goes into the match against forZe as the favorite. In the duel with forZe, the betting odds favor Cloud9 relatively clearly.

forZe vs. Cloud9 - Map-Veto prediction

While forZe bans Vertigo by default, Cloud9 decided against Train. As a pick, the mixed team liked to play Nuke, but was not always very successful on it. Between forZe and Cloud9, the tip regarding the map veto is Nuke and Inferno. Mirage would be a good option as a decider.

forZe vs. Cloud9 - Prediction

All in all, it's hard to predict how Cloud9 will do in their duel with forZe due to their inconsistent performance. However, the Russian team won their last games only narrowly and is not really superior at the moment. It is expected that both teams will win their map picks.

Winner bet: Cloud9
EsportFire Tip: Cloud9 2:1

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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