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FURIA vs. OG Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

FURIA clear favorite

FURIA vs. OG Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

FURIA clear favorite

The first round of the lower-bracket now contains some unexpected participants. Alongside FURIA and OG there are Astralis and mousesports, who all lost their opening game and therefore have to fight for elimination in every game from now on.

Table of Content

FURIA and OG have to attribute their defeats to a large extent to themselves. Both teams were in comfortable situations and had opportunities to decide the duels in their favor. However, some unfortunate decisions on the part of OG and a very strong individual performance of the opponent at FURIA finally cost them their success.

Date and provider

The match between FURIA and OG will take place live on 10.12.2020 at 1.30 p.m. While the BLAST itself will arrange for an English broadcast and numerous other channels will broadcast the game in various languages, the 99Damage will take care of an German stream as usual.

FURIA - Latest performance & results

FURIA had shown great performances in the last months and had dominated the NA scene for a long time in the online period. Back in Europe the team was able to get a good position, but has much more resistance with their aggressive play.

While the team had some success in their first matches, amongst some great teams including G2 and Complexity, in the semi-final of the DreamHack Winter they had to admit defeat against the later winner Astralis clearly with 0:2.

With great expectations the team around IGL arT came to the BLAST Finals. With G2 the draw in the opening round was not easy, but the first Map Inferno started unbelievably well for the Brazilians (16:05).

While the team on Mirage, after a small comeback, finally had to admit defeat 17:19, they lost an 11:9 lead on the CT side of Nuke and in the end lost 11:16.

Between FURIA and OG the odds speak in favor of the Brazilian top team, which will try to fight their way into the final via the lower-bracket. But at the latest in the lower-final there will be a very difficult draw for FURIA with Astralis (assumption author).

OG - Latest performance & results

OG was not qualified for the DreamHack Masters and instead competed simultaneously at Flashpoint2. After an early defeat, the team slipped into lower-bracket in the first round of the playoffs, but was able to qualify for the final with several consecutive wins.

The most notable successes are the duels with BIG and MIBR, which are also in good shape at the moment. Especially IGL Aleksib stood out with great low-buy calls and made some wins possible.

On the first matchday of the BLAST Premier the team lost unluckily with 0:2 against the BIG Clan and slid into this lower-bracket duel with FURIA. A new run into the final is almost impossible against the competitors at BLAST.

In the duel with FURIA, OG is the clear underdog in view of the odds and will have a hard time keeping up with the other players. It will take a good map veto and a perfect day of all involved to make FURIA sweat.

FURIA vs. OG - Map-Veto prediction

While FURIA decides against Dust2 by default, OG bans Vertigo. Between FURIA and OG would be the tip concerning the maps on Inferno and Mirage.

FURIA vs. OG - Prediction

Between FURIA and OG we see a tip on the Brazilians as very tempting in view of the odds. Even though OG showed some good performances, FURIA is far ahead of their competitors both individually and in terms of experience.

Winner bet: FURIA
EsportFire Tip: 2:0 FURIA mit 4 Units

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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