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G2 vs. BIG Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

G2 as favorite

G2 vs. BIG Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

G2 as favorite

All in all, in this upper bracket duel between the two first round winners G2 has a clear advantage. The international mixed team should clearly prevail against BIG and currently plays much better than their German competitors, especially individually.

Table of Content

At the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, alongside around 400,000 USD in prize money, a place in the BLAST Global Finals is at stake. A total of eight teams will compete. Mousesports was the first team to drop out of the tournament on the second day.

Date and provider

The game between G2 and BIG will take place as an evening game on 10.12.2020 at 7.30 p.m. Alongside numerous streams in all possible languages, BLAST itself offers an English broadcast including a pre-show and preliminary reports. The stream of the 99Damage takes care of the German audience.

G2 - Latest performance & results

G2 surprisingly won 2:1 against FURIA. In a close duel especially NiKo and huNter- showed up individually. KennyS caught a rather weak day and was at the lower end of the server.

After a clear defeat in the first Map Inferno, especially star player NiKo prevented the early end for G2 with an Ace in the Overtime on Mirage. On Nuke the mixed team managed to turn the match around and finally decided the duel in their favour with a 16:11 victory on Nuke's T-side.

G2 has had problems in the past weeks especially on Inferno and Vertigo, but is getting better and better with the fixed fifth man AmaNEk. Between G2 and BIG the odds prefer the mixed team of G2 slightly.

BIG - Latest performance & results

BIG is the only German team at the CS:GO elite. Some great successes and the achievement of HLTV #1 in summer were achieved this year in the online period for BIG. Since then the team has lost some of its individual quality and consistency. Defeats against Virtus.Pro and OG at Flashpoint2 brought the team an early exit from the high-dated tournament. Although the German team was able to win the last three direct duels with G2, the omens with regard to this duel have changed. With a bit of luck, BIG defeated OG with a narrow 2-0 win on Inferno and Dust2. Especially tiziaN and tabseN are currently not on the same individual level as the rest of the team and have difficulties to perform really well. Only XANTARES convinces with consistently good performances at BIG. In the duel with G2, BIG's betting odds give it an outsider's role.

G2 vs. BIG - Map-Veto prediction

While G2 bans Overpass, BIG decided against Train when choosing their map pool. Between G2 and BIG is the tip regarding the maps on Inferno and Mirage. As a decision maker Nuke would be a possible choice.

G2 vs. BIG - Prediction

Due to the fact that G2 is currently having problems on Inferno and rarely scores full points on this map, we bet that G2 will win the duel between G2 and BIG. The stake for a 2:1 would be 4 units.

Winner bet: G2
EsportFire Tip: 2:1 G2

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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