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G2 vs. BIG Preview, Prediction, Statistics & Forecast - CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall

BLAST Premier Fall Group Knockout Stage Round 1

G2 vs. BIG Preview, Prediction, Statistics & Forecast - CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall

BLAST Premier Fall Group Knockout Stage Round 1

Topic: G2 vs. BIG Preview, Prediction, Statistics & Forecast - CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall

G2 and BIG will meet in the Knockout Stage Round 1 of the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 on the 25th of August 2022. Our preview between G2 and BIG will give you a great overview of the latest roster moves, recent results, the date and time of the game, and much more. We will not give you a specific tip on who's going to win!

Table of Content

A total of 12 partner teams took part at the BLAST Premier Fall Groups. Six of these will directly qualify for the Fall Finals, while the other six will have to take part at the Fall Showdown where they meet 10 other teams that either got invited or qualified through different other events.

Date and provider

The match between G2 and BIG will take place on the 25th of August 2022 at 8 p.m. CET! The duel will be broadcasted by BLAST themselves on Twitch and YouTube, as well as from many different other streamers in various languages on the platform Twitch.tv!

G2 - Latest performance & results

G2 performed way below expectations before the players break and with that decided to go for two player changes. While JACKZ transferred to HEET after playing for G2 for around 3 1/2 years, Aleksib got benched after only close to seven months as the IGL of the squad. The legendary European organisation decided to bring on jks as a replacement for JACKZ and HooXi as the new IGL for the team.

While the whole community and surely also the players were hyped about the changes and looking forward to some good performances, the first two games were not going according to plan. G2 lost both bo1 opening duels against Liquid and Natus Vincere and with that placed last in Group B.

Both games took place on Mirage and the results were quite close (14:16 & 12:16) against decent opponents with NAVI and Liquid. Nevertheless the expectations for this team and an organisation with a budget like G2 were and will always be high, it would be quite heartbreaking for them to start with a last place finish in their first event together.

BIG - Latest performance & results

The German top-team BIG Clan had mixed results prior the Player Summer Break and ended the season with a very disappointing 17-20th place at IEM Cologne, their home crowd event. Prior to that they managed to win the Roobet Cup and with that games against FaZe and Cloud9.

Going into the next season BIG Clan decided to do one player change. While tiziaN had to step down from the main roster after more then four years, k1to came back to the team. Tizian later stated that "This hit him very hard but it is definitely the right decision and he will be staying with the organisation".

The start with the new team could have been worse! With one win and two losses BIG still has to take part in round 1 of the knockout stage, but convincely won against Evil Geniuses on Mirage and lost twice to Heroic on Nuke in a very close fashion.

G2 vs. BIG - Map-Veto prediction

The match between G2 and BIG will be a bo3 duel. Both teams will have one ban to start the voting off. For G2 that will be Overpass, while it is likely that BIG Clan will ban Inferno which is one of their least played maps and one of G2's favorites. It is hard to predict a clear pick for G2, but we could imagine them going for Nuke or Ancient, while BIG will most likely pick Dust2. As the decider between G2 and BIG we could imagine Mirage.

G2 vs. BIG - Prediction

The spectators can expect an exciting game between G2 and BIG and predicting a winner will not be easy by any means. Both teams come out of the player break with a changed lineup, while BIG Clan seems to be more experienced overall. The map pool for this match-up is as uncertain as the outcome. We wish everyone a lot of fun watching the game and all the others deciders in the knockout stage of the BLAST Premier Fall Groups.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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