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Mousesport vs. Astralis Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite

Mousesport vs. Astralis Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Astralis clear favorite

The grand finale of the DreamHack Winter is coming up. With Mousesports and Astralis two traditional and great teams made it to the final. Alongside the Danish favourite, mousesports surprised the CS:GO world at the DreamHack and has a tough final match ahead of them.

Table of Content

A total of USD 60,000 and a win in an S-tier success are at stake. The Danish top team dominated FURIA in yesterday's semi-final. The finals will be played as bo5 and therefore depends on the density of the map pool of both teams.

Date and provider

The game between mousesports and Astralis will be broadcast live on 06.12.2020 at 4 p.m. in numerous languages. While the DreamHack itself takes care of the English broadcast, the 99Damage will broadcast the game in German.

mousesports - Latest performance & results

The Danish starteam recently got back together in their original lineup and gla1ve again took over the role of the IGL. After the match and finally a clear win against G2, another significant increase was visible.

In the semi-final duel with FURIA, the CS:GO community expected an open battle, but got to see a more than dominant performance from the Danes. FURIA simply had no chance on all maps. With Nuke they wanted to counter-pick and take advantage of the recent defeats on the part of Astralis.

With substitute player Bubzkji the team re-formed and was strengthened on their traditional Pick Nuke. The team put a lot of training into this map to make up for the weakness. After about three months without an official match for Astralis, the young Dane fitted in well with the game and was also individually on a good level.

Astralis - Latest performance & results

Mousesports is certainly the big surprise of the DreamHack Winters. Their participation in the final made five victories in the last five matches possible. Particularly noteworthy in this regard are wins against Cloud9 and Liquid. All in all, the mixed team nevertheless had the slightly easier draw than their competitor Astralis.

Individually, the two young Rifler ropz and frozen were particularly convincing at the moment. The great inconsistency on the part of chrisJ as main-awp will make it very difficult for the team against Astralis.

In the duel with Astralis, odds of up to around 3.00 on the underdog are available. It will be very interesting to see if the team of IGL karrigan manages to get into the game.

mousesports vs. Astralis - Map-Veto prediction

While Astralis will ban Mirage by default, mousesports will decide against Overpass. As picks Inferno and Train would be conceivable. All in all, the remaining five maps will stay in the pool due to the bo5 format, how many of them will be played in the end is due to the dominance of Astralis.

mousesports vs. Astralis - Prediction

In the duel between mousesports and Astralis we see the Danes as the clear favorites. Since the comeback of gla1ve as IGL, Astralis defeated each of their opponents 2-0. Especially the games against FURIA and G2 were very convincing and more than dominant.

With regard to the last matches and also to the opponents of the respective teams, we consider mousesports' participation in the final as a great success, but a victory in the final is very unlikely. Between mousesports and Astralis we would even bet our tip at a rate of 4.00 on a 3:0 success on the part of Astralis.

Winner bet: Astralis
EsportFire Tip: 3:0 Astralis

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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