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Mousesports vs. Heroic Vorbericht, Statistiken und eine Prognose – cs_summit 7 CS:GO

Mouz as favorite

Mousesports vs. Heroic Vorbericht, Statistiken und eine Prognose – cs_summit 7 CS:GO

Mouz as favorite

On the second day of the cs_summit 7 the winners of the first round will meet each other. In the duel of group B mousesports and Heroic won their first game. While Mouz was quite confidently against FaZe Clan, the Danes had their difficulties in the opening match.

Author's tip: Mousesports wins

Table of Content

At cs_summit, a total of twelve teams will compete for prize money of USD 200,000. The tournament is played in a group stage followed by playoffs. All games will still take place online and as bo3.

Date and provider

The match between Mousesports and Heroic will be played on 26.01.2021 at 5.30 p.m. (CET). An English stream will be provided by the BeyondTheSummit channel. A German broadcast will be hosted by 99Damage, who will also cast most of the cs_summit games.

mousesports - Latest performance & results

The traditional organization parted ways with long-term member chrisJ last week. He was replaced by young Dane acoR. In yesterday's opening match against FaZe, the team performed surprisingly strong. On Mirage and Train they dominated their opponent. However, the new fifth man has not really been convincing so far.

There are also a lot of rumors about karrigan, who has been linked to his former team FaZe. His successor is supposed to be the Australian dexter. So far, however, there are no official reports and karrigan will contest the cs_summit 7 with Mousesports.

In the duel between Mousesports and Heroic, the odds favor Mouz. All in all, however, viewers can expect a close duel. Individually, ropz continues to be the most convincing member of the European mixed team.

Heroic - Latest performance & results

Heroic, one of the big surprises of last year, finished 2020 with three defeats. In the IEM Global Challenge, the Danish team lost significantly and was eliminated early. As a result, the lineup had been without a game for about two months, and struggled mightily at the start against MIBR. A strong comeback on Overpass and a quite clear win on Vertigo resulted in a 2:0 victory for the team around cadiaN.

TeSeS was especially convincing individually, making almost 60 kills in two maps. In the duel with Mousesports, Heroic is a slight underdog in view of the betting odds. The young team around IGL cadiaN played great last year and established themselves at the top of the world. It remains to be seen whether the team will be able to maintain their good performance in the coming season.

mousesports vs. Heroic - Map-Veto prediction

The bans will be Overpass and Dust2. Between Mousesports and Heroic, the tip regarding the maps is Mirage and Nuke. An alternative pick for Mouz could be Inferno.

mousesports vs. Heroic - Prediction

The spectators can expect an even duel between two teams, which were able to win their opening duel. Between Mousesports and Heroic we bet on the mixed team around karrigan, which was more convincing on the first day.

The author estimated the odds at 55/100 and the tip is therefore at medium risk. Please always keep in mind that sports betting is not a money-making business, but should remain entertainment. Only bet with money that you are capable of losing. Through our preliminary reports we offer you a detailed summary and analysis of the latest events and try to increase your chance of winning - information is key.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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