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Movistar Riders vs. Sprout Tip, preliminary prediction and a forecast –
European Development Championship CS:GO

Final game of the European Development Championship

Movistar Riders vs. Sprout Tip, preliminary prediction and a forecast –
European Development Championship CS:GO

Final game of the European Development Championship

In the semi-finals of the European Development Championship Movistar Riders and Sprout have prevailed. The two teams will play for the title and 30,000 USD prize money today.

Author's tip: Movistar Riders wins

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A total of 16 teams took part in the tournament and played for the title win in the past 20 days. Between Movistar Riders and Sprout the odds are very balanced.

Date and provider

The match between Movistar Riders and Sprout will be played live at 3.00 p.m. (CET) on 25.02.2021. An English stream will be hosted by the Eden Esports channel on Twitch. A German broadcast is also very likely. Casts in numerous languages can be found on the platform Twitch.tv.

Movistar Riders - Latest performance & results

The Spanish organization was founded in 2017 and has since competed in numerous B- and C-tier events. With the signing of smooya in early February 2021, the team improved significantly individually. The Brit has already played in Tier-1 teams like BIG and has been dueling with the best players in the world for the last few years. Owen brings to the team not only individual class, but also experience.

In the new year, the team has already won three tournaments and the European Development Championship has also gone according to plan so far. The team lost only one match in the group stage and thus had to fight for a place in the playoffs in the deciding match against Izako Boars. Since the quarterfinals, however, the team has shown great performances, winning 2-0 against Budapest Five and Nemiga. Between Movistar Riders and Sprout the odds are very even.

Sprout - Latest performance & results

Sprout established themselves as a strong tier-2 team in the scene last year with the two Polish players dycha and snatchie. Despite some great successes, the organization decided to change the lineup back to a German full team. Therefore Sprout signed the duo consisting of slaxz and kressy from ALTERNATE aTTaX. In the match with Movistar Riders and Sprout the odds dont favor either team.

After a good start to the new year, recent performances have been rather shaky. The DreamHack Open January and Snow Sweet Snow 1 did not quite go according to plan. However, the team is undefeated at the European Development Championship so far and won against Lyngby Vikings, SAW and Sinners, among others.

Movistar Riders vs. Sprout - Map-Veto prediction

Dust2 and Overpass are practically fixed as bans. Between Movistar Riders and Sprout, the tip for the maps is Train and Nuke. Vertigo could well be the decider. Both teams could use their picks to reluctantly choose played maps of the opponent. However, the map veto is difficult to estimate and could vary.

Movistar Riders vs. Sprout - Prediction

Due to the weak performance on the part of the Germans on Train, we put our bet on the European mixed team around smooya between Movistar Riders and Sprout. As a stake we see 6 units for appropriate and the odds are about 1.80.

The author estimated the odds at 60/100 and the tip is therefore at medium risk. Please always keep in mind that sports betting is not a money-making business, but should remain entertainment. Only bet with money that you are capable of losing. Through our preliminary reports we offer you a detailed summary and analysis of the latest events and try to increase your chance of winning - information is key.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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