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NAVI vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

G2 after strong match against Astralis favorite

NAVI vs. G2 Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

G2 after strong match against Astralis favorite

On the fourth matchday of the BLAST Finals, NAVI and G2 will play in the lower-bracket semifinals to stay in the tournament. Both teams have performed well so far and especially G2 would be frustrated about a possible elimination after a strong performance in the match with Astralis.

Author's tip: G2 wins

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At the BLAST Premier Global Finals, a total of eight teams will compete for the title and the USD 1 million prize money. Two teams, Complexity and FURIA, have already been eliminated from the tournament. All in all, most of the victories so far have been by the favorites.

Date and provider

The match between NAVI and G2 will take place live at 7.30 p.m. (CET) on 22.01.2021. The lower-bracket semifinal will be broadcasted in English by the BLAST channel itself, while the 99Damage will offer a German cast. All in all, there will be transmissions in numerous languages.

Natus Vincere - Latest performance & results

NAVI managed to qualify for the next round via the lower bracket in the duel with Complexity. In the match against a weakened opponent, the CIS team won quite clearly after a defeat on the first map. On Nuke and Inferno the team around star player s1mple showed a solid performance and electronic is also still in an incredible shape.

After the first few days of play at BLAST, we now know that B1T will continue to be the sixth player in NAVI's active lineup. The young star of the NAVI Junior Team, just 18 years old, brings fresh energy to the team and convinces with good individual performances.

In the NAVI vs G2 match, the odds are pretty even. Two world-class lineups will play for elimination early on and one of the two teams will have to leave the BLAST after the lower-bracket semifinals.

G2 - Latest performance & results

G2 Esports was founded in 2013 and entered CS:GO in 2015. Traditionally, the Spanish organization had many French players under contract. Around 1 ½ years ago and with the signing of nexa and huNter-, the team switched to an international lineup and signed NiKo, an absolute star player, at the end of 2020. The team still had problems showing solid performances last year, mainly due to short preparation times, but made a renewed step towards the top of the world during the winter break.

The victory against FURIA, which played with stand-in honda, was a mandatory task for the individually strong G2. In the upper-bracket Astralis was already waiting, who had won quite clearly against EG in the first round. However, the team around IGL nexa played well and won the first map and their pick with Dust2. After a rather weak performance on Vertigo, G2 already had one leg in the upper finals after winning the second half pistol round on the third map with a 10-5 halftime lead in their pocket. However, Astralis, especially dupreeh, fought their way back to win Inferno 16-14, which was a close call.

A particularly painful defeat for G2, which, however, in the smallest way diminishes the great performance of the team. In the duel between NAVI and G2, the odds favor the mixed team slightly and rightly so. NiKo once again showed incredible dominance and all in all the team is in great shape.

Natus Vincere vs. G2 - Map-Veto prediction

Vertigo and Overpass are likely bans. Between NAVI and G2, the tip for the maps is Nuke and Mirage. Dust2 would be well conceivable as a decider.

Natus Vincere vs. G2 - Prediction

The duel between NAVI and G2, between the two star players s1mple and NiKo will be a great one. Both teams showed good performances and especially G2 made the match against Astralis surprisingly exciting.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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