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Nexus vs. Winstrike Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Round of 16

Nexus vs. Winstrike Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Round of 16

The first round of the playoffs will take place between Nexus and Winstrike. At Vulcan Fight Series 2020, eight teams have qualified for the "Round of 16" and will now play for a spot in the quarterfinals. Four invited teams will join them in the next round. With Nemiga, Gambit and forZe, three of these have already been announced.

Author's tip: Winstrike wins

Table of Content

In the new year, the games will continue to take place online. The playoffs are generally played as single elimination bo3 and therefore offer no room for slip-ups. There were no really big surprises in the Swiss-stage, most of the favorites made it into the playoffs.

Date and provider

The match between Nexus and Winstrike will take place on 11.01.2021 live at 1 p.m.(CET). The original stream will be in Russian and on the UCC Twitch channel. An English broadcast will be provided by the Vortex Entertainment caster.

Nexus - Latest performance & results

Nexus is a Romanian esports organization that was founded in 2015 and currently participates in numerous tier-2 events. Highlights at the end of the year were the Nine to Five tournaments, in which they participated five times in a row. However, Nexus never finished above a ninth place.

At the Vulkan Fight Series, the team got off to a good start and came close to advancing to the playoffs with wins over NAVI Junior and ex-ETHEREAL. After a loss on the third matchday, the team successfully made it into the top eight against MBAPPEEK.

In the match between Nexus and Winstrike, the odds clearly disadvantage the Romanians despite their good performance at the Vulkan Fight Series. All in all, it is difficult to assess the teams after the winter break. Individually, at Nexus, especially IGL BTN currently has problems to show good performances, while the rest is solid. Especially main AWP XELLOW is an absolute win condition for the team.

EPG Family - Latest performance & results

Winstrike is a Russian esport organization founded in 2018, which has already signed several well-known players. Besides today's NAVI IGL Boombl4, also WorldEdit and Edward played for Winstrike.

Unlike Nexus, the Russian organization had a very weak start in the Vulkan Fight Series. With 0:2 and losses against VP.Prodigy and NAVI Junior they started badly. However, the team, which also competed in and won the Dell Gaming League, managed to turn things around. With three 2-0 victories in a row, Winstrike finally qualified for the playoffs.

On Dec. 31 of last year, the Russian organization announced that two players, bondik and KrizzeN, would be leaving the team and has yet to announce any replacements. They will play the upcoming match days of Vulkan Fight Series with K23 players n0rb3r7 and neaLaN.

Given the recent player changes and the fact that Winstrike will be competing with two stand-ins, their current form is difficult to assess. Nevertheless, in the duel with Nexus, the betting odds clearly favor Winstrike. Both stand-ins are experienced Tier-2 players with great individual qualities, while bondik and KrizzeN, two rather weak performing players, left the team.

Nexus vs. EPG Family - Map-Veto prediction

The most likely bans are Overpass (Nexus) and Inferno (Winstrike). Between Nexus and Winstrike, the tip regarding the maps is Mirage and Dust2. As a decider, Vertigo would be well conceivable.

Nexus vs. EPG Family - Prediction

Mirage is by far the strongest map for Nexus and with Overpass they ban Winstrikes favorite map. Due to the great individueal quality of Winstrike, despite their stand-ins, we put our bet on the Russian favorite.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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