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ProjectX vs. Lilmix Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Swedes as the favorite

ProjectX vs. Lilmix Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Swedes as the favorite

Between Project X and Lilmix we are in the fifth round of the Vulcan Fight Series. Both teams are now 2-2 in the Swiss system and only one of the two teams will be able to advance to the playoffs and continue to compete for the Vulcan Fight Series title.

Author's tip: Lilmix wins

Table of Content

A total of 16 teams competed in the group stage and played for eight playoff spots. With Sinners, HellRaisers, Nexus, NAVI Jr. and Budapest Five, five teams have already secured a place.

A total of 45,000 USD in prize money is at stake in the Vulkan Fight Series. The final will take place on 16.01.2021 and will therefore provide entertainment throughout the whole Player Break.

Date and provider

The match between Project X and Lilmix will take place live at 12:50 p.m.(CET) on 28.12.2020. The match will be broadcasted on the official Russian cast of the UCC, as well as on the channel "Vortex Entertainment", which casts the matches in English.

Project X - Latest performance & results

Project X is a Ukrainian Tier-2 team that has been actively competing in tournaments since November 2019. The last few weeks have been mixed. Qualifying for the Nine to Five 6 in November was a great success for the team, but the outcome was not very pleasing.

At the Vulkan Fight Series, the team reeled off two straight wins after a first-round loss to HellRaisers, needing just one more to advance to the playoffs.

In the duel with NAVI Jr., the team delivered a good match on their map pick Inferno, but ultimately had to admit defeat on Vertigo.

Lilmix - Latest performance & results

Lilmix is a Swedish esport organisation that was founded in 2018. The team does not have any really well-known players under contract. In 2020, the Swedes made some major changes to their team and strengthened a few positions.

In early December, the team qualified for the Nine to Five 7, but performed weakly there. The Vulkan Fight Series started with a rather surprising loss against Sinners, but two wins against 9INE and VP.Prodigy kept Lilmix in the race for a place in the playoffs.

The team lost the fourth round match against Budapest Five 1-2 on the third map Train. In the duel with Project X, Lilmix is the clear favourite given the odds.

Project X vs. Lilmix - Map-Veto prediction

Between Project X and Lilmix, the tip regarding maps is on Overpass and Inferno. While the Ukrainians will decide against Dust2, Lilmix will ban Nuke by default. Inferno would be very well imaginable as the decider.

Project X vs. Lilmix - Prediction

Overpass represents a bit of a weakness for Lilmix, although they should be quite clearly superior to their counterparts on the remaining maps. Thus, between Project X and Lilmix, it is tempting to bet on a 2-1 win for the Swedes.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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