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Vitality vs. Complexity Vorbericht, Statistiken und eine Prognose - Esport CS:GO

Vitality clear favorite

Vitality vs. Complexity Vorbericht, Statistiken und eine Prognose - Esport CS:GO

Vitality clear favorite

On the second matchday of the BLAST Global Finals, Vitality and Complexity as well as NAVI vs. Liquid will face each other. A total of eight teams have qualified for the final tournament and will play in a double-elimination bracket for the tournament victory in the coming days.

Author's tip: Vitality wins

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The total prize money available is USD 1 million, with the winner of the tournament receiving USD 600,000. The event is the first big tournament of the year and will show the level of the top teams of the CS:GO scene after about a month off.

Date and provider

The match between Vitality and Complexity will be broadcasted on 20.01.2021 at 1.30 p.m.(CET). The original English stream will take place on the BLAST channel and the 99Damage will provide a German stream.

Vitality - Latest performance & results

Vitality was probably the strongest and most consistent team of last year. The French top team around star player ZywOo won numerous tournaments and was represented in most of the major finals. After the team faced some major challenges due to the retirement of IGL ALEX at the beginning of the year, however, they fought their way back to the top of the world with apEX as the new strat caller.

Vitality was the first team to implement a functioning six man roster with Nivera and misutaaa also integrated well into the roster. After a great success at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals in the endgame with Astralis in early December, the last tournament at IEM was not very successful for the French.

Between Vitality and Complexity, the odds are very clearly in favor of Vitality. With their last official match on Dec. 18, 2020, the top team had about a month to further strengthen and improve their already strong map pool.

Complexity - Latest performance & results

The American organization around CEO Jason Lake has had a difficult year. Despite great successes, with the highlight at the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals, where they won the final match against Vitality, they had to accept two serious setbacks.

In the middle of the year star player oBo decided to retire from the active lineup due to private problems. The currently 17-year-old American was away from his home country for several months and could not return in the meantime due to the Corona Pandemic. This lineup change was well compensated with the signing of jks. At the end of 2020, however, news of a shock: Poizon had a health incident and had to undergo surgery and is not yet ready to compete with the team at BLAST.

JUGi will step in as the main AWP, which means that the team will not be able to play at full strength in the new year for the time being. Also due to this fact, Complexity is the clear underdog in the duel with Vitality and will hardly have a chance. Apart from that, the team has lost four of its last five games 0:2, so anything other than a clear defeat against the French would be a big surprise.

Vitality vs. Complexity - Map-Veto prediction

Both teams are very reluctant to play Train and Vitality bans this map by default. On Complexity's side, a ban on Inferno is likely. Between Vitality and Complexity, the tip regarding the map veto is on Dust2 and Mirage. As a decider, Nuke would be well conceivable.

Vitality vs. Complexity - Prediction

Between Vitality and Complexity, the bet is clearly on the French. However, a winners bet is not advisable in view of the odds. A tip on a 2:0 victory would be possible.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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