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Vitality vs. Complexity Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

The French clearly in the role of favorites

Vitality vs. Complexity Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

The French clearly in the role of favorites

In group A of the IEM Global Challenge, the second matchday is already taking place. The duel of the two losers takes place between Vitality and Complexity. While the French lost surprisingly against the German BIG Clan, Complexity had no chance against Astralis. The loser will be eliminated from the IEM Global Challenge on the second matchday.

Table of Content

At the IEM eight of the best teams of this year will play for a total of 500.000 USD prize money. The server location is Europe and the tournament is played in a bo3 group stage followed by single elimination playoffs and a final bo5 final.

Date and provider

The match between Vitality and Complexity will take place on 16.12.2020 live at 3.30 p.m.(CET). It will be broadcasted after the duel Liquid vs. Heroic on the English stream of the ESL. The stream will be available on Twitch.tv as well as on Youtube.

Vitality - Latest performance & results

Vitality, the top French team that dominated last week's BLAST Fall Finals and came to the IEM as clear favorites to win the tournament, surprisingly lost to German team BIG. After a clear lead on Vertigo, which they squandered and finally lost the map in overtime, they clearly won their map pick Inferno.

Decider Nuke was a close game, but ultimately had the better outcome for BIG. Despite a good performance by ZywOo and incredible first two maps by misutaaa, the French top team finally had to admit defeat.

The big surprise on the first matchday. For BIG it is a parallel duel against the Danish Astralis for the first group place. It is highly probable that BIG and Vitality will meet again and fight it out for a top-2 place in Group A.

Complexity - Latest performance & results

Complexity comes to the IEM Global Challenge weakened by replacements after a week of preparation and some great results in 2020. Due to a health incident and related hospital stay main-Awp poizon has to skip the tournament. For him, the entire tournament ottoNd, who is best known for his major appearance at CR4ZY, will step in and take over the role of AWP. The Finn had some good games at the end of last year, but will not be able to keep up with the level of the top teams. On the first day of the match, he was clearly behind with an average of 11 kills per map. This fact will make it extremely difficult for Complexity to win a duel with Vitality. Between Astralis and Complexity, a bet on the Danish favorite is obvious, but not very lucrative.

Vitality vs. Complexity - Map-Veto prediction

While Vitality always decides against Train, Complexity doesn't play Inferno. This is one of the strongest maps on the French side, but will make little difference in this duel. Between Vitality and Complexity, the tip in terms of maps is Dust2 and Nuke.

Vitality vs. Complexity - Prediction

All in all, it should be a clear affair for Vitality in the duel with Complexity. OttoNd was anything but convincing on the first matchday and will also have a hard time in the duel with the French. All preliminary reports speak clearly for Vitality and a defeat would be one of the biggest surprises of this year. We consider a stake of 5 units to be appropriate.

Siegeswette: Vitality
EsportFire Tipp: Vitality 2:0

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