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Vitality vs. NAVI Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Vitality slight favorite

Vitality vs. NAVI Preliminary report, statistics and a forecast - Esport CS:GO

Vitality slight favorite

The last day of the BLAST Global Finals is about to start. With Vitality and NAVI, two teams will battle it out for the remaining final spot in todays afternoon's match. While Natus Vincere fought their way through the lower-bracket, the French lost their upper-bracket final match against Astralis.

Author's tip: Vitality wins

Table of Content

The games will still all be played online and as a bo3. While one of the two teams will play the final match against Astralis shortly after, the loser will be eliminated from the tournament and placed third. The probably three best teams at the moment are still in the race for the tournament title.

Date and provider

The match between Vitality and NAVI will be played live at 4.30 p.m. (CET) on 24.01.2021. As usual, BLAST will provide a great show and broadcast the match in English.

Vitality - Latest performance & results

Vitality nearly qualified for the final match today, but gave away a big lead on the first map Dust2 and looked haphazard on the deciding map Inferno. After a very strong start in both halfs on their map pick Dust, the team squandered a massive lead and even nearly 40 kills from ZywOo in regulation time didn't help the team to secure the map.

On Overpass and the pick of Astralis, the French played surprisingly well and won clearly. The spectators were looking forward to an exciting duel on Inferno, but saw a desolate Vitality, which was completely uncoordinated. IGL apEX posted a tweet after the game apologizing for a total failure on the third map. All in all, apart from ZywOo, all players were absent and performed severely below their normal levels.

Thus, from the last game of the French we can conclude a near-victory in two maps, but also a disastrous performance on Inferno. Between Vitality and NAVI, the odds slightly favor the French top team. Vitality will definitely return to the server tomorrow stronger than they left it today.

Natus Vincere - Latest performance & results

NAVI, who surprisingly lost 0:2 against Liquid on the first match day, fought their way back into the tournament with wins against Complexity, G2 and Liquid. Even though the last two duels were partly very close, the team around s1mple won the matches with 2:0. Besides the unbelievable performance of the star player, all players showed their individual skills especially on the second map against Liquid. Young talent B1T, who has only recently joined NAVI's first team, is also fitting into the lineup better and better and is showing very solid performances, especially on Inferno.

In the duel with Vitality, NAVI is the slight underdog in view of the odds and will also have a hard time on the server. The French team around ZywOo is in great form apart from their slip up on Inferno. For NAVI, it would need a perfect performance from all players to prevail against the French. It won't be easy for the CIS team in the Map-Veto either, currently they are playing very strong especially on Nuke, but would have to begin on the T side if they pick it.

Vitality vs. Natus Vincere - Map-Veto prediction

The bans are Vertigo and Train. Between Vitality and NAVI, the tip reagarding the maps is on Overpass and Nuke. While the French performed great on the map pick of Astralis, Nuke seems to be the most consistent map for NAVI at the moment. On Vitality's side, a pick on Dust2 would also be very conceivable. As deciders, Inferno and Mirage would be possible.

Vitality vs. Natus Vincere - Prediction

Between Vitality and NAVI, we place our bet on the French favorite. However, a clear favorite victory is not to be assumed. Both teams will perform on a very high level and deliver a worthy Consolidations Final to the spectators.

The author estimated the odds at 55/45 and the tip is therefore at medium risk. Please always keep in mind that sports betting is not a money-making business, but should remain entertainment. Only bet with money that you are capable of losing. Through our preliminary reports we offer you a detailed summary and analysis of the latest events and try to increase your chance of winning - information is key.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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