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Vitality vs. OG Tip, preliminary report and a forecast – Katowice 2021 CS:GO

French top team with problems

Vitality vs. OG Tip, preliminary report and a forecast – Katowice 2021 CS:GO

French top team with problems

In the second evening match of the IEM Katowice 2021 Vitality and OG meet. The French were already qualified for the prestigious tournament and did not have to participate in the play-ins like OG .

Vitality was one of the absolute top teams of last year and seemed like a perfect unit both on and off the server. However, after weak results in the last tournaments, the mood became noticeably rougher and IGL apEX even dropped out of the BLAST Group Stage last week due to personal problems.

Author's tip: OG wins

Table of Content

Divided into two groups, 16 teams will compete online over the next few days. All matches will be played as bo3 and promise great clashes. The playoffs will be played as single-elimination bo3 and the group winners will get an advantage in the seeding. This means that they will enter the playoffs in round two.

Date and provider

The match between Vitality and OG will be broadcasted live at 19:00 on 18.02.2021. An English cast on the platform Twitch will be provided by the organizer while 99Damage will offer a German broadcast.

Vitality - Latest performance & results

The French top team was the first lineup to successfully implement a six-man roster last year. With the Belgian Nivera , the team was able to set new impulses on two maps and dominated the world's best for a long time. However, as mentioned above, 2021 has not gone as expected for the team so far and more emotions and dissatisfaction became apparent especially on the part of apEX and shox . The IGL, which did a great job last year, was also criticized in the media and finally broke off the BLAST Group Stage last week. It remains to be seen if apEX will be back with the team for Katowice.

It is to be hoped that Dan and the team succeed in fixing the problems and to be able to compete as a unit again soon. A disintegration of the ambitious top team would be a big setback for the world top. (Author's note)

At Vitality, star player ZywOo in particular is performing excellently, as usual. However, in view of last week, even the otherwise solid young Frenchman had difficulties on individual maps and without IGL apEX the whole team looked, understandably, overtaxed. Between Vitality and OG, the betting odds clearly favor the French team.

OG - Latest performance & results

The team lead by IGL Aleksib had little chance at the BLAST Spring Groups, partly due to bad luck. The team lost against Astralis and BIG with 0:2, but showed good approaches. At the end of last year, the team almost achieved a great success at Flashpoint 2. In the final duel, OG had to admit defeat to Virtus.Pro after a great tournament. In view of the odds, OG is the clear underdog in the duel with Vitality.

At the Katowice 2021 Play-Ins on the last two days, the team showed good performances. In the opening round, they defeated fnatic very clearly on Overpass and also narrowly lost the duel with the North American top team Liquid on the second day of play. Against Cloud9 , OG finally made the advancement perfect and qualified for the main tournament with a 2:1 in Maps.

Vitality vs. OG - Map-Veto prediction

The bans are Train and Vertigo. Between Vitality and OG, the tip regarding the maps is Inferno and Overpass. Dust2 would be a good possiblity as the decider.

Vitality vs. OG - Prediction

Between Vitality and OG, we risk a tip on the underdog OG . The French are currently far away from their top form and had a hard time in their last matches. As a stake, we see 5 units as appropriate. The odds are around 2.40.

The author estimated the odds at 55/100 and the tip is therefore at medium risk. Please always keep in mind that sports betting is not a money-making business, but should remain entertainment. Only bet with money that you are capable of losing. Through our preliminary reports we offer you a detailed summary and analysis of the latest events and try to increase your chance of winning - information is key.

Information is provided without guarantee! All forecasts are based on the personal opinion of the author!

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