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forZe Team Review - Data and Facts

Russian youngstars

forZe - History

Topic: CS:GO forZe team/lineup/history/archievements

ForZe is a Russian esport organization, which was founded in 2001. In 2017 they entered CS:GO with their Russian lineup. The team plays almost exclusively in the CIS region and has not yet achieved any S-tier success.

forZe - Archievments & price money

Probably the biggest success for the team was a second place at the BLAST Pro Series in Moscow 2019, where they lost in the final match with AVANGAR. In total, around USD 760,000 in prize money is on the books for the Russian organization.

forZe - Previous lineups & players

The organization had almost exclusively Russian players under contract and, at the moment, arguably the best team in its history. At the beginning of 2021, xsepower and facecrack had to leave the lineup. In Oktober 2021 FL1T and almazer, as well as coach liTTle were benched as well.

forZe - World-Ranking & current players

The only player left from the "original" lineup is therefore IGL Jerry. The current lineup consists of KENSI, zorte, Norwi and shalfey. As a coach they signed Fierce in October.

Current lineup of forZe:

forZe IGL: Jerry
forZe AWP: zorte
forZe Riflers: KENSI, Norwi, shalfey
forZe Coach: Fierce

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