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CS:GO Birthday Capsule Sticker Crafts 10 Years Capsule

Sticker Combos with the New CS:GO Birthday Stickers

Topic: CS:GO Birthday Capsule Sticker Crafts 10 Years Capsule

In today's article, we are looking at some cool combos with the new 10 Year Birthday stickers. Enjoy reading and watching through the different CS:GO sticker combos with the Birthday Capsule that got released not too long ago! Don't forget to show us what combos you have done with the new stickers on our Social Media!

by @Mr. Jesus
TN by: @Andy

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Table of Content

A Classic Sticker for a Classic Skin

Quite some time ago, in the CS20 Anniversary Case, we got a very lovely Famas skin, the Famas Commemoration. A very classy looking skin that has the CS:GO maps engraved on it. Now in the 10 Year Anniversary Capsule we got the Dust FA Foil sticker, which is related to the Dust 2 map and has the same color as the Famas. As you might have already guessed we got a very lovely Birthday Sticker Capsule combination when combining them!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

Baby Shark Do Do Do

Quite unexpected: We got a Baby version of the legendary Howl sticker! The new Baby Howl sticker is so cute and shows potential for future crafts. Due to a quite low price tag compared to the big brother it gives a great opportunity to make many beautiful crafts with the Baby Howl sticker. We decided to apply four of those Badbabys on the AK-47 Jet Set, and oh boy, it does look so beautiful!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts


One of the favorite stickers from the new CS:GO Birthday Capsule for most people is for sure the Blue Gem Glitter one. Such an amazing sticker made by @CptnKraken! After a first look, most of you would probably apply this sticker on some blue skins - well we decided to show you something different. A Glock-18 Nuclear Garden craft with four Blue Gem Glitter stickers, such a great contrast!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts


Let us continue with another lovely CS:GO birthday capsule sticker craft. In case you are not aware, we got a new sticker effect/rarity with the new capsule, the Lenticular Rarity. It is quite similar to the Holo rarity but has moving parts that give you a more realistic vibe. Even though they are so beautiful, we can't showcase them at their full potential in a static image. For this birthday capsule craft we have chosen the M4A1-S Phosphor on which we applied four Magic Rush Ball Lenticular stickers - such a lovely combination!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts


One of the best Holos of the new Capsule is for sure the "Leaving The Station Holo", such an insane Holo spectrum. Furthermore, the sticker has a very nice engraving on it. Since of his variety of colors, many craft combinations could be made, and you can't go wrong by applying it on some clean skins like the AK-47 Slate! But we tried out the sticker on the MP9 Stained Glass. When applying four Leaving The Station Holos you got an absolutely amazing looking craft for yourself.

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

Made for each other

Along the year we saw quite a few stickers and skins that are complementing each other quite well. This time around we got an amazing sticker that's representing the insane Olofmeister defuse in the molotov, which is one of CS:GO's most iconic moments. For this fire sticker we have chosen the obvious option, the R8 Blaze. The 10 year birthday combination with the In The Fire Foil stickers is brilliant!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

Skin Inspiration

In the new capsule, a bunch of stickers that contain artworks from older skins, like the AWP Dragon Lore and the AK-47 Fire Serpent can be found, but we gonna show you a maybe not as iconic one, the Galil AR Cerberus. The sticker released for this artwork is called Baby Cerberus and the same as the other and as the Howl is a childish version of the main artwork! The combination of the skins with the specific stickers is pretty lovely, just check out this Galil Cerberus with four Baby Cerberus stickers! A CS:GO Birthday Capsule craft made in heaven.

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

Some better use of Diamonds

Well, earlier we showed you a pretty solid combo with the Glock-18 Nuclear Garden and the Blue Gem Glitter stickers. Many of you probably want to see something more blueish, so we decided to check out the amazing stickers on a lower budget blue skin! We decided to go for a SSG Mainframe 001 with four Blue Gem Glitter stickers, such an awesome combo that perfect for a budget blue collection!

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

Some further crafts for inspiration:

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts

CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts
CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts
CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts
CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts
CS:GO Birthday Capsule Crafts


We are at the end of today's article, such a great experience to check out all those amazing CS:GO sticker combos with the new CS:GO 10 years birthday capsule. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The 10-Year Birthday sticker collection is pretty awesome and reflects all the years of CS:GO well - enjoy crafting! Have a great rest of your day and don't forget to get your Cupcake Coin!

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