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EsportFire Awards 2023
EsportFire presents

CS2 Skin Awards 2023

Welcome to the second EsportFire Skin Awards. The recognition of the best individuals in all different niches is a long-lasting history, and we wanted to give the awesome content creators of the CS2 skin scene the platform of honor they deserve! Down below you will find all categories, and in each of them, eight individuals will be nominated. Vote for your favorite creators right under this paragraph.

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Skin Artist of The Year

The CS2 scene is full of amazing artists with different styles, origins, and goals. What unites them is a shared love for skins and art. The category "Artist of the Year" at the EsportFire CS2 Skin Awards 2023 will feature ten of the best individuals in the field, who have showcased their unique style and creativity throughout the year 2023. We are eternally grateful to have such a wide variety of characters and styles in the CS2 scene.

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Skin Streamer of the Year

Streamers are individuals who bring the CS2 community together like nobody else. Nominate and vote for your favorite, most entertaining streamers on Twitch or Kick for the category "CS2 Skin Streamer of the Year" at the EsportFire CS2 Skin Awards 2023. While they may all broadcast to different audience sizes, they share one thing in common: They regularly entertain community members in their streams and share the community’s love for the CS2 skin scene.

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Skin X of the Year

The CS2 X (formerly known as Twitter) community is full of incredible, enthusiastic creators with different content specialties. While every single person contributes to making the community as a whole special and a lovely place for everyone, some people stand out with amazing projects or content that bring great value to the community as a whole. We're excited to see who is going to be on top for the "Skin X Creator of the Year Award" in 2023.

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Skin YouTuber of the Year

YouTube creators have been an integral part of Counter-Strike since the beginning and deliver content while educating and entertaining their viewership. The people in that category are all unique and loved for their regular content production in the CS2 skins space. Make sure to nominate and vote for your favorite "CS2 Skin Youtuber of the Year"!

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Skin Crafter of the Year

Nearly every Counter-Strike player has done some sort of sticker crafts since first starting to play the game. While you might probably already think your crafts are the most special out there, let's honor some of the most unique and biggest crafters of the year 2023. The following candidates for the category "Crafter of the Year" at the EsportFire CS2 Skin Awards 2023 are people who have not only done crafts worth several hundreds or thousands of euros within the last year but have also created a wide variety of different crafts.

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Skin Collector of the Year

What makes the Counter-Strike Skin scene so unique compared to other games is the amount of collectors who love their inventory. Individuals are taking years to find the perfect matching skins, crafts, floats, colors, ... to make the perfect collection. This kind of dedication and love for Counter-Strike is definitely worthy of a category here at the EsportFire Skin Awards 2023 and the first of three new categories we introduced this year.

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Map Designer of the Year

Community creations have played an integral part in Counter-Strike since the beginning of time. Map creators made some of the most legendary and fun playgrounds for people to play different game modes on, practice, learn new stuff, or simply enjoy their time with other individuals. Make sure to show them some love as they will also play an integral part of CS2 going forward.

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Skin Creator of the Year

Last but not least is the third new category at the EsportFire Skin Awards 2023! What would the skin community be without its creators? Individuals who have the creative and artistic skills to create unique, beautiful new skins for the community to play with. Skin creators are some of the most beloved people in the community. Make sure to show your favorites some love.

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Marketplace of The Year

Logically we can't forget one of the most essential parts of our CS2 skin community when arranging an awards show - the Skin Marketplaces. Down below we nominated 8 of the most popular and beloved marketplaces within the community! Vote for your favorite now.

Some of the data below is provided by csgoskins.gg

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