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Players nationalities and facts BLAST Fall - CS:GO

Players nationalities and facts BLAST Fall - CS:GO

The following article takes a closer look at the results of the evaluation of player-related data around the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021. A total of 12 teams and thus 60 players are participating in the event.
19 different nationalities are represented and only six of the participating teams will qualify directly for the BLAST Finals, while the remaining teams will have to compete with other lineups in a showdown for a few remaining spots.


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Facts and figures

As mentioned earlier, a total of 60 players are participating in the event, with an average age of 23.7 years and an average of 1.95 years under contract with their current organization. Of particular interest is the fact that the average IGL has only been playing for their team for 1.86 years, which is below the general age average.

However, when looking at their ages, it stands out that the role is traditionally occupied by experienced players. The average IGL is around two years older than the average player and stands at 25.9 years. Particularly loyal among the participating teams are those players who occupy the AWP role. They have been with their current team for 2.22 years and are thus a bit above the general average. There is hardly any difference in age, at 23.5 years.

Nationalities distribution

The 60 players are from a total of 19 different countries, with Denmark clearly leading this list with 12 representatives and thus 20%. The northerners are followed by Brazil and France, who each have 7 players of their nationality. In descending order they are followed by Sweden (5), America (4), Germany (4), Russia (3), Canada (3), Bulgaria (3), Bosnia (2), Ukraine (2), Australia (1), Finland (1), Great Britain (1), Israel (1), Latvia (1), Norway (1), Poland (1) and Serbia (1).

Player age and debut date

A large proportion (43 players) are younger than or equal to 25 years old. Of those, a considerable proportion (14 players) are also younger than or equal to 21. Only 16%, namely 10 players, are older than 28 years. These statistics continuously show a clear trend towards youth development and the integration of talents at the top of the world. The average debut date of those 60 players is in 2014, although every CS title is included in the calculation; if this statistic were only applied to CS:GO, the average debut date would be almost a year later. Here, too, a trend towards younger players can be seen.

More facts

Of the 60 players, none is younger than 18, but seven (Lucky, oBo, brnz4n, B1T, LNZ, flameZ, misutaaa) are currently at the age of 18. The longest, still active, player with the same organization is EliGe, who has already been under contract with Liquid since 23.03.2015 and thus has been playing with the North American top team for 77 months and soon seven years. The most experienced player is also in Liquid's lineup. The 30-year-old IGL FalleN made his debut back in 2004. A total of 23 of the 60 players have been with their current organization less than a year, including four IGLs.

Prospect of the event

The teams will play out the six promotion spots in a double-elimination bracket in three groups with four participants each. While in group A Evil Geniuses will compete with two stand-ins and thus is the big underdog, Astralis will have a hard time against Vitality and Liquid, which showed strong performances at the ESL Pro League Season 14.

In Group B, especially G2 has to prove themselves after a disastrous last tournament and find back to old strength. MIBR is the clear underdog in this bracket and can only surprise. The duel between NiP and BIG will be trend-setting in the battle over the promotion places.

NAVI is the clear favorite in Group C after winning the Intel Grand Slam, but has a tough draw with OG on the first matchday. In the game between FaZe and Complexity coldzera meets his old teammates and will make his debut for Complexity. Excitement is hereby pre-programmed.

We wish all readers exciting match days and a nice weekend!

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