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All M39 Skins in Rust

A list of all M39 skins in Rust

Topic: All M39 Skins in Rust

Welcome to this week’s Rust article, where today we will be doing an overview of all the M39 skins in Rust. The M39 hasn’t seen as much love as other guns regarding skins, leading to a lack of options. With only 8 skins to cover let's get straight into the list.

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Skull Seeker M39 (1.35 USD)

Skull Seeker M39 is the cheapest M39 skin in the game. It has an ornate skull design with a washed brick and metal texture. The skull designs on the mag and receiver are neatly drawn and fit the colors of the skin. This is a good M39 if you are on a budget.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Skull Seeker

Kevlar M39 (1.44 USD)

The Kevlar M39 is a mile ahead in design compared to the rest of the camo skins in Rust. It has a very high-resolution texture with a more modern design. The red and yellow accents elevate the skin from a basic camouflage to a realistic modern weapon skin.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Kevlar

Bombshell M39 (1.52 USD)

The Bombshell M39 is yet another skin-themed around WW2 bomber planes. It, however, takes the design a step further with bomb drawings on the magazine and a netting design on the stock making even more references to the planes of that day.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Bombshell

Tempered M39 (1.75 USD)

The Tempered M39 is very reminiscent of the fade finish from CS2. It has a purple-to-orange fade effect that reflects very nicely in the sun. It is the most colorful out of all the M39s in the game. So if you are looking for a flashy M39 for your inventory this is the one for you.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Tempered

Ornate M39 (4.38 USD)

The Ornate M39 features a neat Samurai design. In this picture, it is paired with the Ronin Roadsign Gloves which pair very well with it. It has delicate engravings along the entirety of the gun with perfectly contrasting red and silver colors. This M39 sits in the middle in terms of price and it's a decent pickup for the price.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Ornate

Devourer M39 (6.11 USD)

The Devourer M39 has an amazing red, yellow, and black design. It has a caution type like design over the body with flames coming off the handguard. It is on the pricier side of the M39s costing 6.11 USD but if you have the money to spare it can fit any red or yellow inventory.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Devourer

Desert Warrior M39 (7.21 USD)

The Desert Warrior M39 is in our opinion a direct downgrade from the Kevlar M39. It is just a basic, overpriced, camouflage skin with low-resolution textures. We recommend avoiding this M39 and looking for a better option.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Desert Warrior

Metalhead M39 (9.37 USD)

The Metalhead M39 is the most expensive M39 out of all of them. It has a black and brown color scheme with different skeletons displayed across the gun. While the design is quite nice unless you like it there are better options for cheaper.

All M39 Skins in Rust - Metalhead


That wraps up our M39 skin overview. We hope you were able to find a skin on this list to fit your inventory and use in-game. If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out our article on the Best Cheap Python Skins in Rust or the other articles below this paragraph. Have an amazing day!

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