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Best Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts

Some amazing Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts

Topic: Best Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts

Last week, we covered 10 of the best Katowice 2019 crafts in Counter-Strike. In this article, we are looking at more fantastic crafts with older tournament stickers by listing 15 incredible StarLadder Berlin 2019 sticker combinations.

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M4A1-S | Cyrex + 4x Tyloo

This first craft is one of the most popular Berlin 2019 sticker crafts out there, existing a whopping 186 times, and the reason for its popularity couldn't be more obvious. The red Tyloo dragon in combination with the white “TYLOO” and the black outline perfectly matches the red, white, and black Cyrex.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Tyloo

AK-47 | Redline + 4x HellRaisers

For some odd reason, the StarLadder Berlin 2019 Major brought a lot of red stickers into the game, as many teams from the tournament represented organizations with red logos. One of the most iconic red stickers of all time is the HellRaisers sticker, which has been featured in countless tournaments, and applied to thousands of AK-47 | Redlines, so it would be impossible for us to omit it from this list.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts HellRaisers

AWP | Atheris + 1x MIBR (Foil)

This next craft is an extremely detailed one, and it deserves the title of the best budget Berlin 2019 AWP craft. To the distant eye, this craft simple works because of the green sticker and the green AWP. But if you look closely, you will notice that the background behind the MIBR logo features a a green triangle pattern that is almost identical to the scales of the viper featured on the Atheris.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts MIBR

AK-47 | Elite Build + 4x ENCE

ENCE’s sticker from the 2019 Berlin Major is an impeccable fit with the AK-47 | Elite Build. The orange portions of the logo match the orange accents of the AK, while the red and black contrast perfectly compliments the black base of the skin.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts ENCE

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy + 4x Natus Vincere

This next craft is a lot more simple than many of the other crafts featured on this list, but that definitely doesn't take away from how good-looking the craft is. The combination of yellow and black in the NaVi logo perfectly fits with the Conspiracy’s black base and yellow highlights.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts NAVI

Glock-18 | Water Elemental + 4x Syman Gaming

The Berlin 2019 major featured a lot of teams that had not qualified for Majors ever before, and that would go on to never qualify for another major. One of these teams is Syman Gaming, which has a logo that fits perfectly with the water elemental. The blue and red contrast of the sticker perfectly matches the blue and red contrast featured on the Glock, making for an awesome craft.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Syman Gaming

MP7 | Mischief + 4x DreamEaters

Another team that played in the Berlin 2019 Major as their only Major is DreamEaters, whose sticker perfectly matches the color scheme and design of the MP7 | Mischief. The sticker's red base with lines running through perfectly matches the design of the skin, while the logo works to enhance the disturbing nature of the skin.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts DreamEaters

AK-47 | Black Laminate + 3x Ninjas in Pyjamas

On the other hand, a team like NIP is definitely not unfamiliar with the major experience and has had stickers in the game for a very long time. In previous years, their logo was tan, but for Berlin 2019, their sticker was more silver and placed on a black background, making it the perfect addition to the drab body of the AK-47 | Black Laminate.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Ninjas in Pyjamas

Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard + 4x ForZe eSports

Another team that got it’s first major appearance at StarLadder Berlin is ForZe eSports. Their sticker from this tournament creates a great sticker craft in combination with the FiveSeveN Urban Hazard, with the red and grey design of the sticker matching the red and grey gun skin.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts ForZe

SCAR-20 | Powercore + 4x MIBR

This next craft is what some may call a “no-brainer.” The green background of the sticker matches the green body of the SCAR, while the yellow logo matches the skin’s yellow highlights. You even get the added bonus of the gray border matching the gray portions of the skin!

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts MIBR

AUG | Momentum + 4x CR4ZY

We now return to teams that debuted in the Berlin 2019 major, with the next two crafts featuring stickers from CR4ZY, whose sticker features a red base with an uneven cross going through it. The red and white design of the sticker creates a contrast with the majority-blue gun and compliments the red accents on the skin.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts CR4ZY

Desert Eagle | Code Red + 3x CR4ZY (Foil)

This next craft uses the Foil version of the CR4ZY sticker, which makes a perfect combination with the popular Deagle skin: the Code Red. The shiny red and white design of the CR4ZY logo perfectly fits with the red and white Code Red, while the foil effect matches the anodized detail of the skin.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts CR4ZY

SG 553 | Integrale + 4x Syman Gaming

This next craft is another obvious one. The chaotic red and blue design of the Integrale is complemented by the red and blue Syman Gaming logo, while the gray background contrasts the white portions of the skin to create a perfect balance of similarity and contrast.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Syman

UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf + 4x Furia

Furia’s logo hasn’t changed much in quite a while: it has remained the iconic black panther with a white outline, making it a perfect fit with the white and black UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf. The black and white design on top of the grey background creates a color scheme identical to that of the Arctic Wolf to make an absolutely incredible craft.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Furia

AUG | Syd Mead + 4x Astralis (Foil)

To round off our list of the best Berlin 2019 sticker crafts, we have a craft using stickers from the tournament’s champion: Astralis. This craft combines the iconic red Astralis logo with the industrial red design of the AUG | Syd Mead. Not only do the two colors match, but the foil finish of the sticker combines with the shiny gunsmith finish of the weapon to create a perfect, glossy shine in-game.

Berlin 2019 Sticker Crafts Astralis


We hope you enjoyed checking out the best Berlin 2019 crafts in CS:GO and CS2! If you have a suggestion for tournament stickers that we should create crafts with next, feel free to hit us up on our Twitter or our Discord. Enjoy your day everybody!

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