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Best Cheap Dota 2 Mix Sets

Guide on some amazing cheap Dota 2 mix sets

Topic: Best Cheap Dota 2 Mix Sets

Introducing the ultimate guide to the "Best Cheap Dota 2 Mix Sets." Have you ever wondered how affordable a fantastic Dota 2 set can be? Well, today you are about to discover exactly that! We have handpicked some of our favorite sets for heroes we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.

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Cheap Morphling Set

Morphling doesn't have many sets in general, and there are even fewer available at a decent price. However, we have found one combination that stands out as an affordable option!

For the head slot, we have chosen the classic immortal item called the Crown of Tears. As for the remaining parts, we have utilized various pieces from the Splendor of the Protean Emperor set, resulting in a visually pleasing ensemble, which you can admire below. The total cost of acquiring this beautiful set is only USD 1.01.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Morphling

Cheap Medusa Set

Medusa, despite being quite a popular hero, doesn't really have too many skins either. One of the standout options is the set from the Shard Shop. The combo of choice is made using the two Immortals she has received so far: Fate of Hydrophiinae and Daughters of Hydrophiinae. For the remaining parts, we used pieces from the Eye of the Beholder set, which includes a fantastic headpiece and weapon that perfectly match the hero's personality. The total cost for this impressive set is around USD 2.89!

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Medusa

Cheap Zeus Set

Zeus is not only a delightful hero to play but also has a stunning appearance. However, what if we could enhance his look even further? There are several mix sets available for Zeus, especially when considering the Arcana. For today's discussion about some of the best cheap Dota 2 sets, we will focus on more affordable options. We have selected some simple yet stylish skins for this purpose.

To begin, we have chosen the Symbol of the King Restored in its second style for the Head slot. For the Arms and Back, we opted for two Immortal items: Tempest Revelation and Immortal Pantheon. Lastly, for the Belt, we have selected Fury of the Thunderhawk, although it may not be available on the market just yet. The total cost for this impressive set is approximately USD 1.08.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Zeus

Cheap Riki Set

Riki, the hero we all dread facing, truly embodies the essence of a shadow assassin. When it comes to outfitting him, nothing captures his essence better than a thief's attire. Fortunately, we are lucky to have an exceptional set already available in the game: the Hunger of the Howling Wilds.

This set is fantastic on its own, but it becomes even more remarkable when combined with the Immortal back item, Shadow Masquerade. It is worth noting that this combination does come at a higher price, approximately USD 4.82. However, the investment is well worth it for those seeking to fully embrace Riki's stealthy persona.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Riki

Cheap Viper Set

Similar to many of our cherished Dota 2 heroes, Viper does not possess an extensive array of skins. However, the few available options are remarkably appealing. For our combo, we have opted for the timeless pairing of two classic Immortals: Malefic Drake's Hood and Malefic Drake's Strike. To further enhance the ensemble, we have incorporated the mythical Back item, King of the Corrupted Nest. The total cost for this combination is an affordable USD 0.85.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Viper

Cheap Storm Spirit Set

The mighty storm, the legend says its spirit has become intertwined with Abed himself! While there are numerous skins available for Storm Spirit, one in particular stands out as an absolute beast! To begin, we have the The Lightning Orchid Immortal for the Head slot. For the Armor, we have chosen a piece from the Storm Dragon Potente set, and for the Arms, our personal favorite, the Rose of the Corridan Maestro, which boasts an exquisite appearance. The total cost for this remarkable combination is USD 3.57.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Storm Spirit

Cheap Drow Ranger Set

Drow Ranger is undeniably a stunning hero with a wide selection of cosmetics, and the favorite among many is undoubtedly her Arcana. Finding affordable alternatives can be challenging, but I believe we have managed to create an impressive combination. Our primary focus is on the Black Ice Constellation set, with a notable modification to the Head slot, where we replaced it with the exquisite Discipline of the Dark Star. Considering the elegance of this set, the total cost is surprisingly affordable, coming in at just USD 0.67.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Drow Ranger

Cheap Elder Titan Set

Elder Titan is indeed a fun hero, although he may not receive as much playtime as others. However, we have put together a combo that we truly enjoy, and we hope you will too. We have incorporated two Immortals, namely Vise of Creation and Bellows of Creation, and blended them with the remarkable Monument of Ruin set. This set is truly impressive and complements Elder Titan perfectly. The total cost for this combination is USD 1.99.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Elder Titan

Cheap Winter Wyvern Set

Winter Wyvern is indeed a delightful support hero when it comes to healing, and in the hands of someone like Sumail, she can even be a formidable mid laner. The most intriguing aspect is that we have only two slots available for her cosmetics: Head and Back. Fortunately, we have two stunning skins to choose from. For the head, we have the Iceflight Edifice Immortal, and for the Back, we have Aurora's Pyre, which offers a captivating color-changing spectrum. The total cost for this enchanting combination is an incredible USD 0.38.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Winter Wyvern

Cheap Leshrac Set

Leshrac, the notorious unkillable enemy, is enough to make anyone want to call it a day. While there are several skins to choose from, it's hard to resist utilizing his two Immortals: the Tormented Crown for the Head slot and the Tormented Staff for the Weapon. In addition to these, we have incorporated the exquisite Plates of Sundering for the Back and the graceful Tail of Sundering for the Tail. The total cost for this impressive ensemble is a mere USD 0.99.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Leshrac

Cheap Meepo Set

Meepo, the hero that everyone has a "special" relationship with, indeed elicits mixed emotions. While there are a few remarkable sets available for Meepo that are perfect on their own, we have put together a small mix that we hope you will appreciate. We have utilized the Jester King set as the foundation and paired it with the new Immortal Head item, Everglyph Goggles, along with the adorable Back item, Grate of the Spelunker. The total cost for this combination is approximately USD 2.66.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Meepo

Cheap Beastmaster Set

Beastmaster, renowned for his legendary Army of Creeps or, in more recent times, his affinity for purchasing Aghanim's Scepter. He is an excellent hero to counter illusion-based heroes and provides valuable vision on the battlefield. Now, let's dive into the more important aspect — his skins!

For this combination, we have utilized the Edge of Extinction set as the foundation. To enhance it further, we have incorporated two Immortals: Primal Peacemaker and Primal Paean. As the cherry on top, we have adorned him with the striking Ancestral Hair of Karroch as his headpiece. The total cost for this impressive ensemble is USD 2.36.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Beastmaster

Cheap Wraith King Set

Wraith King is indeed a fantastic hero, particularly suited for beginners due to his second life ability. We are fortunate to have a variety of excellent skins available for him at such affordable prices. In this combination, we have utilized the recent Unholy Harvest set, which features a visually striking armor piece with a beating heart embedded within it. To enhance the ensemble further, we have incorporated the Immortal weapon Unbroken Fealty and an uncommon arm item called Dreadknight Gauntlet. The total cost for this remarkable combination is just USD 1.17.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Wraith King

Cheap Lifestealer Set

Lifestealer, the hero who never fails to disappoint in the early game but manages to lose in just 20 minutes. In this combination, we have taken a straightforward approach by utilizing the three amazing Immortals he possesses: the Golden Dark Maw Inhibitor for the Head slot, the Golden Profane Union for the Back, and the Golden Dread Requisition for the Arms. These items fit together seamlessly and are quite affordable to acquire. The total cost for this impressive set is a mere USD 1.17.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Lifestealer

Cheap Enchantress Set

Enchantress, the charming lady who never fails to deliver a devastating blow from across the map, leaving you questioning your career choices as a monitor operator. In this combination, we have opted to focus solely on Immortals, although we have excluded the Head item due to its high price for the purposes of this article. Instead, we have included the Virga's Arc Weapon, the Flutterstep Belt, and the Harborblossom Neck. Despite the omission of the Head, this set still maintains its allure, and the total cost comes to approximately USD 0.80.

Dota 2 Cheap Sets Enchantress


We hope you enjoyed today's article about some of the best cheap Dota 2 sets for 15 different heros. Have a beautiful rest of your day and feel free to check out some of our other articles down below!

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