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Best Cheap Glock-18 Skins in CS:GO

Top-15 Best Cheap Glock-18 Skins

Topic: Best Cheap Glock-18 Skins in CS:GO

Today we took a look at the 15 cheapest Glock-18 skins in Field-Tested! We hope you enjoy checking out some cool, budget skins for your starter T-Side pistol! The price range for this article will be between USD 0.08 and USD 1.00.


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Glock-18 Oxide Blaze

The cheapest Glock-18 skin in CS:GO is the Oxide Blaze. The simple, red/white skin is a very decent alternative for everyone with a very low budget. It got released together with the Danger Zone Case back in 2018.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Oxide Blaze

Glock-18 Off World

Up next, only slightly more expensive is the blue alternative to our first named skin! The Glock-18 Off World has a good looking blue color gradient and is the perfect addition to a blue budget loadout. The Off World got introduced to the game in 2017 together with the Spectrum 2 Case and costs around USD 0.10!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Off World

Glock-18 Winterized

On spot three of the best cheap Glock-18 skins within CS:GO we got the Glock-18 Winterized, which is also the newest skin on our list as it was released in 2022 together with the Recoil Case! The Winterized comes in at a price tag similar to previous ones and pleasures its players with a cool blue/beige camouflage design.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Winterized

Glock-18 Clear Polymer

As the name already indicates the following cheap Glock-18 skins has some transparent polymer integrated in the handle of it. The brownish design, paired with seeing the bullets is very unique and you can get all of that for only USD 0.10!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Clear Polymer

Glock-18 Ironwork

Up next is the pretty simply designed Glock-18 Ironwork that would make the perfect match to an AK-47 Cartel. Everybody who enjoys simple, metallic skins with a pattern will love that cheap Glock-18 skin that costs around USD 0.16!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Ironwork

Glock-18 Wraiths

The following Glock-18 Wraiths is basically the perfect alternative to the one right above! Even the release date of the two Glock's is not all too different. While the Ironwork got released in 2016, the Wraiths was added to the game in 2015 together with the Shadow Case.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Wraiths

Glock-18 Death Rattle

It's time for an absolute OG skin! The Glock-18 Death Rattle was released back in May 2014 together with the Bank Collection and is a piece of CS:GO history. The Snake design might not be for everyone but overall the Death Rattle is a cool alternative for around USD 0.13!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Death Rattle

Glock-18 Sacrifice

Up next for the best cheap Glock-18 skins in CS:GO is the amazing Glock-18 Sacrifice that pays tribute to the legendary burning ninja defuse by olofmeister! The skin is not only symbol for one of the most legendary plays in CS:GO history but also a great play skin for around USD 0.13!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Sacrifice

Glock-18 Warhawk

Talking about the cheapest Glock-18 skins in CS:GO we got the Warhawk next up! It got released in 2018 together with the Horizon Case and has a quite unique design. The greenish designed Glock-18 comes in at a price tag of around USD 0.15.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Warhawk

Glock-18 Catacombs

One more Glock with a metallic design. The Catacombs is full of skulls and delivers a very unique overall look. It got released together with the Chroma Case back in 2015 and costs around USD 0.18!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Catacombs

Glock-18 Bunsen Burner

Another old school classic and part of our best cheap Glock-18 skins in CS:GO! The Glock-18 Bunsen Burner got released in 2015 as a blue skin in the Falchion Case. For around USD 0.20 you can get one yourself.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Bunsen Burner

Glock-18 Moonrise

The Glock-18 Moonrise is known for its cool and unique patterns. The shiny moon on the skin is moving from the back to the front depending on what pattern you decide to buy! The price of this lovely purple skin is around USD 0.33.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Moonrise

Glock-18 Weasel

On spot 13 we got the Glock-18 Weasel coming in at around USD 0.35. The skin got introduced to CS:GO in 2016 together with the Gamma 2 Case and has always been loved by the community for its amazing artwork.

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Weasel

Glock-18 Candy Apple

Talk about legendary, old skins - the next two will fill that category like nothing else! First up, we got the Glock-18 Candy Apple, that got released in late 2013 as part of the Italy Collection. The skin got remade for a total of 5 other guns in CS:GO and is beloved by the community. A Glock-18 Candy Apple costs around USD 0.65!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Candy Apple

Glock-18 Night

Around half a year after the Glock-18 Candy Apple, we saw the Glock-18 Night getting introduced to CS:GO together with the Overpass Collection. With its clean, black background it's the perfect base skin for any sticker craft you might plan to do! In terms of pricing it's slightly more expensive and the only skin in this list to cost above USD 1.00!

CS:GO best cheap Glock-18 skin Night


We hope you enjoyed today's article about the best cheap Glock-18 skins within CS:GO! Make sure to check out our other recent articles down below this paragraph and feel free to follow us on Twitter to not miss anything around the CS:GO skin scene.

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