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Best Cheap Karambit Knives in CS2 - 2024

10 of the best, cheap Karambit Knives in CS2

Topic: Best Cheap Karambit Knives in CS2 - 2024

In today's article we're taking a look at 10 of the best, cheap Karambit skins in CS2. When talking about Karambits, cheap is a relative term. Although prices for CS2 knives in general are quite high compared to other games and their in-game cosmetics, we will try to showcase some of the best, budget options for you!


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Karambit | Safari Mesh (Field-Tested): $454.98

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As this article is all about finding the best cheap Karambit for your inventory we logically have to mention the cheapest of all of them. The Karambit Safari Mesh is an all-time classic and the cheapest available in Field-Tested condition.

Best cheap Karambit Knives Safari Mesh

Karambit | Boreal Forest (Field-Tested): $490.19

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Up next and in the same price category is the Karambit Boreal Forest, which has also been part of the game since 2013 and got first released in the Arms Deal update. Its unique green handle makes the knife stand out.

Best cheap Karambit Knives Boreal Forest

Karambit | Urban Masked (Field-Tested): $490.88

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Did they forget the paint you might wonder? They absolutely didn't - the Karambit Urban Masked has a very unique, grey style, ranging from top to bottom. Definitely one of the coolest, cheap Karambit knives in CS2.

Best cheap Karambit Knives Urban Masked

Karambit | Night (Field-Tested): $607.56

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What's coming next after the greyish/white Karambit? Right, a full black one! The Karambit Night is beloved by some, disliked by other, but all in all an absolute old-school fan favorite that also got released back in 2013.

Best cheap Karambit Knives Night

Karambit | Rust Coat (Well-Worn): $586.85

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Let's continue our list of the best cheap Karambit knives in CS2 with the Rust Coat. The shiny, brown and rusty look of the knife is well known and has always been a great alternative for players with a lower budget.

Best cheap Karambit Rust Coat

Karambit | Bright Water (Field-Tested): $611.56

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Let's test new waters ... with the Karambit Bright Water. A super unique bluish skin perfectly matching some gloves like the Moto Gloves Cool Mint. Find yourself a great, rather unique knife to play with.

Best cheap Karambit Bright Water

Karambit | Damascus Steel (Field-Tested): $715.26

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The shiny blade of the Karambit Damascus Steel has amazed players since the early Counter-Strike days and continues to do so in CS2. Furthermore, it’s a great knife when looking for combinations as it has an easy combinable skin color.

Best cheap Karambit Damascus Steel

Karambit | Freehand (Field-Tested): $633.80

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Your favourite purple knife skin that everyone was super excited about when being first released in 2016 together with the Gamma update. The unique pattern of the skins makes the Freehand stand out compared to our other skins on this list.

Best cheap Karambit Freehand

Karambit | Blue Steel (Field-Tested): $856.11

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Our second last features skin of today's article about the best cheap Karambit skins in CS2 is the Blue Steel. The rather unspectacular looking blueish skin doesn’t bring the most color to your inventory but can still be a lovely addition when having a great combo or the right playskins.

Best cheap Karambit Blue Steel

Karambit | Black Laminate (Field-Tested): $851.21

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Up last is the second black themed skin next to the Karambit Night that we featured today. The Black Laminate also got released in 2016 and has an incredibly clean finish that you can’t go wrong with.

Best cheap Karambit Black Laminate


We hope you enjoyed today's article about the best cheap Karambit Knives in CS2. Feel free to check out our other CS2 articles right below this paragraph and enjoy the rest of your day. You can find all M9 Knives here: EsportFire Skindatabase - Karambit.

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