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Best Collector's Cache Sets in Dota 2

Dota 2 Best Collector's Cache Skin Sets - Full Guide

Topic: Dota 2 Best Collector's Cache Skins - Full Guide

Today, we are discussing one of the greatest series of skins in Dota 2: the Collector's Cache! In this article, we have chosen to highlight the non-marketable sets. Enjoy the read and find your favorite!

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Tiny - Ancient Inheritance

The following Tiny skin set comes from The International 10 Collector's Cache, a treasure with plenty of beautiful skin sets! The body design is very well done, with rock and bone combined with fire all around. Maybe even nicer is the weapon, the dinosaur spine! The price of this set is around USD 10.00!

Dota 2: Tiny - Ancient Inheritance

Ember Spirit - Cinder Sensei

What hero can be more fitting for a sensei than a spirit? The perfect way to channel his energy. The set is very amazing, mostly because of the masterpiece which is the headpiece, a total new look for the Ember Spirit. The weapons are also very nice, helping for a perfect sensei animation. The price tag of the skin set is around USD 40.00!

Dota 2: Ember Spirit - Cinder Sensei

Night Stalker - Legends Of Darkheart Pursuit

Night Stalker has plenty of amazing skin sets, and quite a few are part of different Collector's Caches, but today we talk about the most desired one. Legends of Darkheart Pursuit is an amazingly designed skin with an insect look alike, the unique color of the armor and its shine make it great. This set has an insane price tag of USD 165.00!

Dota 2: Night Stalker - Legends Of Darkheart Pursuit

Batrider - Manta Marauder

The following set is such an incredible piece that was way ahead of its 2017 time compared to other Cache sets from that era. The simple design and the insane feeling to play it make it the best Batrider skin set; the mount is a whale shark, while above there are plenty of small fish. This set's price tag is USD 60.00!

Dota 2: Batrider - Manta Marauder

Sven - Indomitable Legacy

A simple but flashy design is perfect for a knight, and we can see that in the following Sven skin set. Indomitable Legacy is a highly desired skin set because of its incredibly flashy look; the blue nuance works perfectly in combination with the rigid metallic armor. The price of this beautiful skin set is USD 33.00!

Dota 2: Sven - Indomitable Legacy

Chaos Knight - Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel

Chaos Knight, another popular hero with plenty of beautiful skin sets, many of which are part of different Collector's Caches. Today's focus will be on the Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel, a very well-designed set, mostly known for its mount and armor piece. The price tag is USD 22.00!

Dota 2: Chaos Knight - Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel

Invoker - Angel of Vex

The very recent addition from last year is the Angel of Vex, an amazing skin set that also provides the owner with their own Invoker Persona. The persona was already a great piece, but this new set focused on a Cupid theme is a great addition. The price of this cosmetic is only USD 9.00!

Dota 2: Invoker - Angel of Vex

Lina - Glory of the Elderflame

The following cosmetic is a pretty underrated one that actually works very well with one of the most hated Arcana, Lina's Fiery Soul of the Slayer. The set has a simple design starting with a beautiful dress and following with the fiery hands and an amazing back piece. The price of this set is around USD 10.00!

Dota 2: Lina - Glory of the Elderflame

Bristleback - Beast of the Crimson Ring

The International 10 had some of the best Collector's Cache sets, and we are ready to showcase another one: Bristleback's Beast of the Crimson Ring. A perfect warrior-type cosmetic that captures the nature of our beloved Bristleback, a true warrior in the world of Dota 2. The price of this one is only USD 4.00!

Dota 2: Bristleback - Beast of the Crimson Ring

Snapfire - Whippersnapper

We waited a long time for another Snapfire skin set, and last year we got another beautiful one with a much more affordable price. The Whippersnapper is a perfect set with some beautiful details, starting with the alligator mount, which looks incredible. The price of this cosmetic is USD 2.20!

Dota 2: Snapfire - Whippersnapper


Today's article was a lovely journey into the kingdom of collectors sets! We hope you liked our selection, and don't worry, more will come. Enjoy your day and feel free to read some more of our articles!

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