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Best CS2 Map to Inspect your Skins!

Showcasing the best CS2 map to inspect your skins

Topic: Best CS2 Map to Inspect your Skins!

Welcome everybody to a short guide on where to best inspect your skins in CS2. To celebrate the release of CS2 we developed our second Inspect Map, which is especially designed to get some amazing screenshots of your skins. You can find the map in the Steam Workshop.


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Skinworld Beach

The map with the Workshop name "Skinworld Beach | Screenshot Map [by Esportfire.com]" has a beach theme and features 100 unique backgrounds that make it easy for you to get a great looking screenshot of your newest pickup! When spawning on the server you see five different portals in front of you that will bring you to the different screenshot opportunities. Furthermore, you got the option to enter a green-room on the right hand side.

Best CS2 Map to Inspect your Skins

How to connect

In order to connect you simply visit the page of the map in the Steam Workshop and click "Subscribe". After downloading is completed you can launch your game and navigate to the tab "Workshop Maps" where you will find your newly subscribed workshop map. Press "go" and you're ready to start making some amazing CS2 Screenshots of your skins.

Best CS2 Map to Inspect your Skins

Supporting the Map

In order to support our creation of the CS2 Inspect Map and our head developer @enjoytehride as well as further projects like that, feel free to give a thumbs up and rate the map with five stars.


We hope you found your new favorite CS2 map to inspect your skins. Feel super free to share your new pickups with us on Social Media by tagging "esportfirecom" on all the different platforms. Have a great rest of your day!

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