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Best CS:GO Gloves for Vanilla Knives

Best Vanilla Knife Combos

Topic: Best CS:GO Gloves for Vanilla Knives

Knives are a staple of the CS:GO skin scene. From serious collectors and professional players to casual players looking to spice up their screen, a large percentage of the community owns at least one of the hundreds of knife skins and finishes that exist. The reason for their notoriety? Knives are always on your person in Counter-Strike. Unlike gun skins which require you to purchase to show off in-game, a knife is always there, ready to be pulled out whenever the player wants to move faster, embarrass an unsuspecting enemy, or just show off their hard-earned skin.

In a world where detailed, bright finishes rule the skins game, sometimes we need a nice classic Vanilla knife to shake things up a bit. As Vanilla knives grow in popularity among collectors and even competitive players, there is a constant yearn for good glove combos to go with the silver and gray finish of the Vanilla knives. Today, EsportFire is here to quench that thirst. And here's the best part: because the floats of vanilla knives don’t affect their appearance, they always look great with lower float gloves, so you don’t have to break the bank for a pair of factory new gloves. Without further ado, here are some of the best glove combos for several of the most popular Vanilla knives.

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8. Gut Knife + Broken Fang Gloves | Needle Point (Field Tested)

First on our list is a low budget knife glove combination with two of the cheapest knives and gloves in the entire game. The crimson red mahogany handle on the Gut Knife blends in nicely with the bronze plating and design on the needle point gloves, and although the Gut Knife is not one of the most loved of all CS:GO knives, it is hard to deny that this combo isn’t pretty clean, especially for the cost. With the Vanilla Gut Knife costing just $100 ($124 in StatTrak) and the gloves $65, this como costs around $165 ($189 if knife is StatTrak), making it the cheapest combo on the list at a fraction of the cost of some of the combos to come.

CS:GO Gut Knife Vanilla Combo

7. Classic Knife + Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander(Field Tested)

Next up on our list of Vanilla knife glove combos is a combination of the Classic Knife and a pair of field-tested Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander. The gray camouflage displayed on the Lt. Commanders is truly a match made in heaven for the pattern on the blade of the Classic knife, and combined they make one of the most unique knife glove combinations out there. The combo is not as "cheap" as the previous one, at $344 for the knife and $308 for the gloves but makes an amazing match for a combined cost of $652. This combo is perfect for fans of the Classic Knife and pays a truly elite homage to the classic knife of the Counter-Strike series.

CS:GO Classic Knife Vanilla Combo

6. Bayonet + Driver Gloves | King Snake (Field Tested)

Next up is a Bayonet with a pair of field-tested Driver Gloves | King Snake. The snakeskin pattern of the gloves covers up the green handle of the Bayonet to display a beautiful white/gray contrast with the knife, and the clean knuckles of the field-tested King Snakes creates a perfect transition between the player's gloves and the knife in their hand. The only downside to this beautiful combo is the price. The Vanilla Bayonet comes close to the top of the list in terms of price, at nearly $630, and the gloves add $590 for a total price of $1220. However, if you don’t mind the StatTrak kill display on your knife, than you can cut $60 off the price of the knife and pick up a StatTrak Bowie vanilla for around $570 to bring the total cost of the combo to $1160.

CS:GO Bayonet Knife Vanilla Combo

5. Huntsman Knife + Broken Fang Gloves | Unhinged (Minimal Wear)

This clean charcoal combo is perfect for black themed inventories and loadouts. The dark feel and shiny broken fang logo on the Unhinged gloves is a perfect compliment to the notorious sleek blade of the Huntsman. The contrast between the silvery studs and logo and the black gloves perfectly aligns with the black handle and silver blade of the vanilla huntsman to make a truly elite craft. Once again, this combo lands on the lower end of the cost spectrum, with the knife costing $181 and the gloves costing $178 for a total cost of $359.

CS:GO Huntsman Knife Vanilla Combo

4. Ursus Knife + Driver Gloves | Diamondback (Field Tested)

The CS:GO skins community holds two strongly opposing opinions regarding the Vanilla Ursus Knife, and while some large collectors and even professional players seem to love the skin, others feel the opposite. However, for those who do like the knife, the Driver Gloves | Diamondback are a perfect compliment for it. The dark green gloves complement the green handle of the knife and create a great contrast with the shiny blade. This combo falls in a similar price range as the previous one, with the knife costing $221 and the gloves costing $153 for a total of $374. However, the Ursus Vanilla in StatTrak tends to be more popular and thus expensive than some of the other StatTrak Vanillas, so if you want the knife in StatTrak, you will have to pay an extra $56, bringing the total cost up to $430.

CS:GO Ursus Knife Vanilla Combo

3. Stiletto Knife + Bloodhound Gloves | Charred (Battle Scarred)

Just over the past year, the Stiletto knife has skyrocketed in popularity among pro players, collectors, and even casual players looking to play with an almost identical match to the real Italian stiletto. The Vanilla version of the knife features an extremely shiny blade which is almost an exact match of the appearance of the studs and logo on the Charred Bloodhound Gloves. Even better, when you get the gloves in battle-scarred condition, the rust coloring of the gloves almost perfectly matches the satin handle of the Stiletto. This combo is slightly more expensive than the previous few, with the vanilla Stiletto costing $318 and the gloves $89, the total cost comes to $407, still significantly lower than some of the combos to come.

CS:GO Stiletto Knife Vanilla Combo

2. Butterfly Knife + Sports Gloves | Nocts (Minimal Wear)

Nocts gloves have become a staple of black-themed inventories, and have been used to create pitch-black combos since they were first released two years ago. Naturally, the sleek, dark design of the notorious Butterfly knife is absolutely perfect for these gloves. When combined, they create an elite black/charcoal effect second only to the Nocts + Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet combo. However, one of the reasons why both the Vanilla Butterfly Knife and the Nocts gloves remain so notorious is their price. With the knife costing a jaw-dropping $1630 and the gloves coming a few hundred behind at $1195, this combo totals to an astonishing $2825, cementing it as the most expensive on this list.

CS:GO Butterfly Knife Vanilla Combo

1. Karambit + Driver Gloves | Black Tie (Minimal Wear)

Narrowly beating the previous combo and taking the top spot on our list is a slightly less expensive but just as elite knife glove combination with the Vanilla Karambit and a pair of Minimal Wear Driver Gloves | Black Tie. This combo combines similar dark gloves to create a beautiful charcoal effect that narrowly trumps that of the Butterfly Knife + Nocts combo. Along with this, upon inspection, the player flips the gloves to show the white hand of the Black Tie gloves, creating a contrast with the black handle of the Vanilla Karambit. With the gloves taking a bulk of the cost at $1049 and the knife closely following at $945, this combo costs a slightly more “achievable” $1994. Regardless, both of these combos are of ridiculously high prices, and only the most elite collectors have the means to purchase them, regardless of how stunning they are.

CS:GO Karambit Knife Vanilla Combo*All Screenshots were taken on Broskins


Vanilla knives make some of the best knife/glove combinations in the scene, but sometimes its hard to pick which pair of gloves go best with your favorite Vanilla knife. Hopefully you enjoyed our list of combination recommendations for some of the community's favorite Vanilla knives. We would love to hear your favorite Vanilla combos from this article or even some of your own that didn’t make the list, so feel free to comment them under our Social Media posts and tag me @CarkyssCS and @esportfirecom.

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