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Best CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Crafts & Combos

Some amazing CS:GO M4A4 Sticker crafts

Topic: Best CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Crafts & Combos

On 18 November, 2022, Valve made a change to CS:GO that stirred up quite the chaos within the community. Along with cutting the magazine of the notorious AWP by 50% and replacing one of the most well known video game maps of all time: Dust II, with a community map by the name of Anubis, Valve made the second major balance change to the M4A1-S in just a few months. After limiting its magazine size to 20 bullets in June of this year, Valve continued to nerf the weapon by significantly dropping its long distance accuracy.

In doing this, Valve sent the Global Offensive community into a spiral of panic. After years of dominating the game over its unsilenced counterpart, would the M4A1-S meta finally be replaced by the M4A4? Several large voices in the community stated that they would be switching to the M4A4, and before long so did much of the community. Now, the effect of the update has moved to the trading and skins community, with M4A4 skin prices skyrocketing by margins of over 500%. With the community hype fueling increasing interest in M4A4 sticker crafts, EsportFire has decided to share 10 of them with you in our list of the best M4A4 crafts.

Readers should acknowledge that M4A4 prices are unstable and continuously fluctuating. All prices listed in the article are based on those of 22 November, 2022.

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10. M4A4 | Evil Daimyo + 4x FaZe (Foil) | 2020 RMR

The M4A4 | Evil Daimyo of the Falchion collection is certainly not one of the most popular M4A4 skins in the game, and it is rare to see it in game. Along with this, the stickers from the 2020 RMR were received by the community with significant backlash and continue to be considered the worst ever released. However, by combining this red foil sticker with the red and black of the Evil Daimyo, the crafter can create a beautiful combination of red. The skin was designed perfectly so that when the red stickers are applied, they align with the red portions of the skin. With the Evil Daimyo costing $5.88 in factory new, and each of the applied stickers costing $0.56, the total cost of this M4A4 Evil Daimyo craft comes to just $8.12, making it one of the best budget M4A4 crafts under $10.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Evil Daimyo

9. M4A4 | The Battlestar + 3x Chief (Foil)

This next craft is perfect for players who got their start in first-person-shooters from the Halo series before transitioning into Counter-Strike. The Chief (Foil) features the head of Master Chief from the hit franchise, and pays homage to the game that created a love of gaming for so many. The sticker works perfectly with countless skins, including the M4A4 | Battlestar, which blends the shiny helmet of Master Chief with the reflective green of the skin. Each of these stickers cost $1.53, and with the Battlestar costing $16.65, the total cost of this M4A4 The Battlestar craft comes in at $22.77, making it one of the best options for a $25 M4A4 craft.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Battlestar

8. M4A4 | Buzz Kill + 4x Natus Vincere (Holo) | 2020 RMR

Next up on our list of the best M4A4 crafts is one of the most popular M4A4 skins, both for crafts and as itself: the M4A4 | Buzz Kill. The skin, which was released in the Glove Case as a covert rifle, features a sleek yellow and green base with an almost construction themed black pattern on top. The color scheme of the M4A4 | Buzz Kill perfectly fits the Natus Vincere (Holo) from the 2020 RMR to put yet another RMR craft on our list. The holographic yellow and black NaVi logo works perfectly with the pattern of black on the yellow base of the Buzz Kill, and at a total price of $82.96 with the skin costing $82.48 and each sticker costing $0.12, making it a cheap but good looking addition to an already expensive base skin.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Buzz Kill

7. M4A4 | Neo Noir + 1x Killjoy (Holo)

The broad range of Neo Noir skins in CS:GO is quite impressive, and the M4A4 | Neo Noir is widely considered to be the best of the four. The skin features a blue and pink drawing of a woman over a gray background in an almost comic-book like fashion. This comic-book effect is perfectly complimented by the Killjoy (Holo), which features the words “Kill” and “Joy” in bold neon lettering. Despite not having a perfect match of color, the sticker perfectly compliments the menacing look of the Neo Noir. With the skin costing $48.16 in factory new and the sticker costing $5.10, the total cost of this M4A4 Neo Noir craft comes to $53.26.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Neo Noir

6. M4A4 | Daybreak + 3x Dragon Lore (Foil)

The AWP | Dragon Lore is the most notorious skin in CS:GO, and may just be the most notorious in any game, a factor that is perfectly encapsulated by the impeccably designed Dragon Lore (Foil). The sticker compacts every detail of the sleek dragon lore into a tiny sticker which just happens to work perfectly with the M4A4 | Daybreak. The main body of the Daybreak features a simple, calm, and metallic light blue background with gold clouds on top. When the Dragon Lore foils are applied onto the skin, they perfectly fit on top of the clouds to create a beautiful look as if the dragons are flying across the sky as the sun rises. Both the Daybreak and the Dragon Lore (Foil) are expensive, with the high tier skin costing $287.50 and each sticker costing $10.67 for a total cost of $319.41.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Daybreak

5. M4A4 | Buzz Kill + 4x Global Elite (Foil)

Next up on our list of the best M4A4 crafts is yet another Buzz Kill craft. This time, the popular M4A4 skin is combined with a sticker that features a symbol of the utmost success in Global Offensive: reaching the rank of Global Elite in matchmaking. This sticker, with its golden AK-47s and wings centered around a bright blue globe does a wonderful job of showing how prestigious reaching the rank truly is. The gold and black part of the sticker that surrounds the globe perfectly compliments the pattern displayed on the M4A4 | Buzz Kill. This craft is quite a bit more expensive than the previous Buzz Kill craft, as each sticker costs an impressive $13.94 for a total cost of $138.24.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Buzz Kill

4. M4A4 | Global Offensive + 4x All Hail the King (Foil)

The combination of the Global Offensive skin and the tribute to 20 years of Counter-Strike makes for quite the meaningful craft, with the added bonus of a beautiful color scheme that pays homage to a game that we have grown to love for so many years. The M4A4 | Global Offensive utilizes a blue, yellow, and gray camouflage, using the gray to contrast the blue of the Counter Terrorists with the yellow Terrorists. This color scheme is perfectly complemented by the All Hail the King (Foil) of the CS20 Sticker Capsule, which contrasts a blue background of feathers with a pair of yellow/gold Classic Knives and gray text reading the number 20 with a gold crown above. With the relatively new Global Offensive costing just 7.39 in factory new and each sticker $1.21, this craft makes for one of the best M4A4 sticker crafts under $15 at $12.23.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Global Offensive

3. M4A4 | Royal Paladin + 3x New Sheriff

Coming onto the 3rd position on the podium of the best M4A4 crafts is a craft with the popular Royal Paladin. The skin features a clean black and gray base with a display of etched royal gold in the middle. This middle portion of the skin works perfectly with the New Sheriff foil, which matches the etched gold of the Royal Paladin to create a wonderful blend that heightens the skin to a superior level of beauty. Despite being available in abundance due to the sheer number of people opening the Revolver case in hopes of unboxing a Karambit Blue Gem, this M4A4 still comes at quite the high price, and the combination of the $153.52 skin and the $17.74 stickers, the total cost of this M4A4 Royal Paladin craft comes to $206.74.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Royal Paladin

2. M4A4 | Asiimov + 4x Virtus.pro | Katowice 2015

Like the Neo Noir, the Asiimov offers a broad range of skins, with the skin available for 5 different weapons in Global Offensive. The Asiimov skins are known for working extremely well both by themselves and in crafts, particularly crafts that use the orange, white, and black Virtus.pro stickers. Virtus.pro, now rebranded as Outsiders(who won the most recent major), are one of the most recognizable names in the CS:GO scene, and their stickers have been used in thousands of amazing crafts. By applying four of Virtus.pro’s paper sticker from the Katowice 2015 major with the Asiimov, the crafter can beautifully combines the orange outline of the fierce white polar bear on the black background of the Virtus.pro sticker with the orange, white, and black artwork of the Asiimov. With the skin costing $176.77 in factory new condition and each sticker costing an impressive $11.61 despite being paper sticker, the total cost of this M4A4 sticker craft comes to $223.21.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft Asiimov

1. M4A4 | In Living Color + 4x Distinguished Master Guardian (Holo)

Taking the final spot on our list of best M4A4 crafts is a bright neon combination of one of the most popular M4A4 skins of all time and a holographic sticker that displays the symbol of one of the most elite ranks that one can achieve in the game. The M4A4 | In Living Color is a distracting splash of bright neon drawings, which is perfectly complemented by the bright neon colors of the holographic Distinguished Master Guardian sticker. The organized range of holographic neon perfectly compliments the unorganized range on the skin to make an unmatchable bright craft. Despite being one of the more popular M4A4s, the In Living Color is cheaper than several other skins on this list at a price of $65.23 due to its recent release. Along with this, unlike the expensive Global Elite stickers the Distinguished Master Guardian cost just $1.34 for a total craft cost of $70.59.

CS:GO M4A4 Sticker Craft In Living Color*All screenshots are taken on Broskins


With the recent update significantly boosting the popularity of the M4A4, crafts with the weapon are growing in popularity faster than ever before. We hope you enjoyed the 10 M4A4 crafts we highlighted in this article, and if you think we missed out on any crafts, be sure to share them on Twitter below our post. Thanks for reading!

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