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Best Ence Sticker Crafts in CS2

10 of the best ENCE sticker crafts in CS2

Topic: Best Ence Sticker Crafts in CS2

In today’s article, we are following up our series on the best sticker crafts for every team in CS2. We will highlight 10 of the best ENCE crafts we could find.

  Drenlin   jAlex

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AK-47 | Safety Net + 4x Sticker | ENCE (Holo) | Paris 2023

To begin, we have a wonderful craft on an underrated AK-47 Skin. The orange ENCE logo with the black background and a holo effect that shifts to a white/blue hue along with the Safety Net’s black, white, and orange color scheme come to form the perfect combination. The craft only exists thirteen times.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

Tec-9 | Snek-9 + 4x Sticker | ENCE (Foil) | Berlin 2019

For our next ENCE craft, we have the neatly designed Snek-9 paired with ENCE Berlin 2019 Foils. The matching red, yellow, and black color scheme allows the stickers to blend in seamlessly with the skin making a very appealing craft. There is only one of this craft in existence.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

AUG | Sandstorm + 4x Sticker | ENCE (Foil) | Katowice 2019

The AUG Sandstorm is a desert-themed skin from the Mirage (2021) collection. While it would be very unusual to see a squid in a desert when it comes to the ENCE sticker it fits better than ever. As a quick note if you ever need a cheaper alternative to the ENCE Katowice 2019 foils try the ENCE Berlin 2019 foils, they fit all the same skins for a much cheaper price. This craft would be a 1/1 if crafted as none exist.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

Five-Seven | Angry Mob + 4x Sticker | ENCE (Holo) | Stockholm 2021

The Five-Seven | Angry Mob was introduced into CS back in 2019 way before the Stockholm 2021 major which would explain why this beautiful combination of a craft has yet to be made. The ENCE Stockholm 2021 Holo has such a magnificent orange-to-blue Holo effect that is unmatched by any other sticker from the Major.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

Mac-10 | Rangeen + 4x | ENCE (Holo) | Rio 2022

The Rio 2022 stickers have received very mixed reviews from players since their introduction 2 majors ago. The floral design sticks out and looks very unappealing on most skins however, on the Mac-10 Rangeen it almost melts into the desert-like colors on the skin. This craft does not exist and would be a 1/1 if crafted.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

Famas | Eye of Athena + 4x | ENCE (Foil) | Berlin 2019

The Famas Eye of Athena is one of the only Famas skins that work well with ENCE Berlin 2019 foils. The stickers blend amazingly with the red and yellow skin. The small gray details along the skin go as far as to even allow the Star Ladder text on top of the stickers to fit in with the craft. There is only one of this craft in existence.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

MP7 | Abbysal Apparitions + 4x ENCE (Paper) | Antwerp 2022

Moving on to a simpler, but still amazing ENCE sticker craft, the 4x ENCE Antwerp 2022 papers on the Abyssal apparition fit superbly due to their matte orange and black colors on top of the matte orange and black skin. There are only eleven of these crafts in existence.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

Sawed-Off | Kraken + 4x ENCE (Holo) | Katowice 2019

You couldn’t have the best ENCE craft list without the Sawed-Off Kraken on the list. The orange and red on the ENCE Katowice 2019 foils blend in perfectly with the Kraken design on the side of the skin. Furthermore, it is the squid stickers on the Kraken skin a neat detail to share with your friends when they see the craft. This craft has yet to be crafted and would be a 1/1.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

MP5 | Oxide Oasis + 4x ENCE (Holo) | Berlin 2019

The MP5 Oxide Oasis is a classified skin from the Mirage 2021 collection and when paired with the slightly older ENCE Berlin 2019 Holos it makes a delightful combination. The hints of red and orange on the Oxide Oasis and the washed-out colors of the ENCE Berlin Holos make the two look like they were made for each other. The craft has yet to be made and would be a 1/1 if crafted.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts

PP-Bizon | Osiris + 4x Ence (Foil) | Stockholm 2021

The PP-Bizon Osiris was released way back in 2014 alongside Operation Breakout. The black and orange skin matches splendidly with the shiny black and orange ENCE Stockholm 2021 Foils. This is yet another ENCE craft that has yet to be made making it a 1/1 once crafted.

Best ENCE Sticker Crafts


That’s it for our Best ENCE Crafts in CS2. Let us know which team you would like to see the best crafts for next by tagging us on Twitter or by joining our Discord Server. Have a wonderful day!

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