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Best ESL Cologne 2016 Sticker Crafts

Some amazing ESL Cologne 2016 Sticker Crafts

Topic: Best ESL Cologne 2016 Sticker Crafts

Last week, we covered 10 of the best Katowice 2019 crafts in Counter-Strike. Per the request of our Twitter followers, we are continuing to look at some fantastic skins with older tournament stickers by listing 15 incredible ESL Cologne 2016 sticker combinations.

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M4A1-S | Mecha Industries + 4x G2 Esports

This first Cologne 2016 craft combines the popular red, white, and black M4A1-S | Mecha Industries with 4 G2 Esports stickers from Cologne 2016, which feature the white G2 logo on a black background with red highlights around the sticker, making a perfect match between the two identical color schemes.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel + 4x Ninjas in Pyjamas

Released just 9 days before the ESL Cologne 2016 stickers were added to the game, the Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel is a perfect fit with NIP’s sticker from the tournament. The Glock features a black base with tan paint on top, just like the sticker which has a black base with the tan NIP logo above it. And if you want to stretch it even further, even the color of the ESL Cologne 2016 lettering at the bottom of the sticker matches the white graffiti on the Glock-18.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

USP-S | Dark Water + 4x SK Gaming

This next craft is a lot less vibrant than many of the crafts that are featured in this article, but it is still a great craft, especially for themed inventories. The grey background behind the SK Gaming logo blends almost flawlessly with the grey Dark Water, and the unique SK logo somewhat matches the ripple pattern in the skin.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

M4A1-S | Cyrex + 4x mousesports

Once again, we have another M4A1-S craft with more than just a single pair of matching colors, but an entire color scheme match. The M4A1-S | Cyrex, which features a majority black and red color scheme, is elevated to an entire new level when 4 mousesports stickers from the Cologne 2016 Major, which feature the red mousesports logo on a black background, are applied.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe + 3x Flipsid3 Tactics

The AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe is one of the “calmest” weapon skins in Counter-Strike. Its simple design provides a nice break from the world of chaotic and vibrant skins. But to make the skin even better while maintaining it’s “calm” appearance, you can apply 3 emerald green Flipsid3 Tactics stickers from Cologne 2016 onto the main body of the weapon to enhance to emerald part of the skin.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy + 4x Ninjas in Pyjamas

Just like the Glock-18 | Rebel, the Desert Eagle | Conspiracy is a perfect match for the Ninjas in Pyjamas sticker from Cologne 2016, with its black/grey base and tan highlights, which perfectly compliment the sticker’s black base and tan logo.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

R8 Revolver | Nitro + 5x Virtus.Pro

For those who prefer the R8 Revolver over the Desert Eagle, we have an equally, if not more appealing craft for you! The “Nitro” skin has been used for many Virtus.Pro crafts from several tournament sticker collections, and this tournament is no exception. The black and orange portions of the logo perfectly match the black and orange R8 | Nitro, while the white polar bear contrasts the black skin to create a perfect balance in the craft.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

AWP | Elite Build +1x Team Dignitas

The Team Dignitas sticker happens to be one of the most popular (and thus expensive) stickers from ESL Cologne 2016, which means it has to be applied to the scope of an AWP. Luckily, the AWP | Elite Build is perfect for the craft, as the yellow eyes and background of the sticker fit wonderfully with the orange decals on the skin, while the black and grey background of the sticker blends with the black and grey base of the AWP.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

FiveSeveN | Hot Shot + 4x OpTic Gaming

This next Cologne 2016 craft combines two similar color schemes to make one awesome craft! The Five SeveN | Hot Shot features a very light green base, a grey slide, and some green highlights, making it a perfect fit with the OpTic Gaming sticker, which features a green and white logo and a grey and green background.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

P90 | Elite Build + 4x Fnatic

Just like the previous craft, this craft combines these two identical color schemes to make an amazing P90 craft that will shred enemies in style! The iconic orange color of the Fnatic logo perfectly complements the orange highlights of the Elite Build, while the grey backgrounds perfectly blend to create a perfect craft.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

Galil AR | Eco + 4x Flipsid3 Tactics

Naturally, whenever there is a bright green sticker added to Counter-Strike, it must be applied to the iconic Galil AR | Eco. In an obvious fashion, the Flipsid3 Tactics stickers compliment the green portions of the Galil to make a great craft which has been made a whopping 207 times.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader + 4x Team Liquid

This Cologne 2016 craft may not be the most obvious from first glance, but it does feature some solid color matching that makes for a truly neat craft. The background of the Team Liquid logo is almost identical to the stock and handle of the gun, while the deep navy color is a really close match with the black scope of the SSG 08.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

CZ75-Auto | Poison Dart + 4x Team EnVyUs

As we begin to wrap up our list of the best Cologne 2016 sticker crafts, we are throwing in a craft with a weapon that isn’t used very often, but still deserving of an amazing craft. This craft combines the blue and black skin, which is designed to match the appearance of the infamous poison dart frog, with the blue background of the Team EnVyUs logo to make a nice craft that elevates this skin several levels higher.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

AK-47 | Blue Laminate + 3x Counter Logic Gaming

For years, many have expressed distaste towards the AK-47 | Blue Laminate for its simplicity and commonality, and yet, it is still possible to make some really impressive crafts with it. By applying three beautiful blue Counter Logic Gaming stickers onto the body of the gun, you can elevate the blue portions of the skin. Along with this, the Counter Logic Gaming logo somewhat resembles the laminate pattern featured on the skin for an added bonus in appearance.

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts

M4A4 | Evil Daimyo + 4x Gambit Gaming

Did you think we were going to finish the list without a single M4A4 Cologne 2016 craft? Well, we save the best for last. This incredible craft combines the budget-friendly M4A4 | Evil Daimyo black and red color scheme with the identically colored Gambit Gaming sticker to make an absolutely stunning craft that just might be our favorite from the entire list!

Best ESL One Cologne 2016 Crafts


Thanks for reading through our list of the best Cologne 2016 crafts in CS:GO and CS2! If you have a suggestion for a collection of tournament stickers that we should create crafts with, feel free to hit us up on our Twitter or our Discord Server. Enjoy your day everybody!

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