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Best Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets in Dota 2

Find some amazing exclusive Arcana Mix Sets for Dota 2

Topic: Dota 2 Best Exclusive Arcana Skins - Full Guide

Today, we take a look at Dota 2's most desired skin set: the Exclusive Arcana. As many of you know, there is currently no way to repurchase any of these arcanas, but we remain hopeful. Enjoy the read and the beauty of Dota 2!

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Faceless Void - Claszian Apostasy

Claszian Apostasy is one of the latest arcanas we received with last year's Battle Pass. The arcana looks very good, with a second style that's even more amazing. To evolve the arcana's appearance, we used the following items: Jewel of Aeons for the shoulders, Bracers of Aeons for the arms, and the impressive Mace of Aeons for the weapon. The combined price of these three pieces is USD 345!

Claszian Apostasy Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Wraith King - The One True King

The One True King arcana has the most interesting mission: you have to kill 100 unique heroes in winning games to unlock its second style. The skin is very nice on its own, but it works even better with some shiny new cosmetics. We used the armor from the new Tyrant of the Veil set; for the arms, we used Blistering Shade; and for the weapon, we chose the 10th Anniversary Relic Sword. The price tag for these cosmetics is USD 13.50!

The One True King Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Drow Ranger - Dread Retribution

Dream Retribution is another amazing arcana with beautiful effects and a name that's very suggestive of its unlock mission. The whole set is perfect on its own, but there is always room for customization. We combined it with the Black Ice Constellation set, and for the headpiece, we used the Crown of the Sacred Hunt. The price of these additional pieces is only USD 10.00!

Dread Retribution Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Windranger - Compass of the Rising Gale

Let's continue with our list of the best exclusive Arcana mix sets. Compass of the Rising Gale is an incredible exclusive arcana with some amazing effects, especially for the legs. It's also one of the few for which the default style might be the best one. There aren't many great pieces to add on top of the arcana; the only perfect one is the Sylvan Vedette, which also changes its color to match the arcana. It has a price tag of USD 36.00!

Compass of the Rising Gale Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Spectre - Phantom Advent

Phantom Advent is a very controversial arcana; some love it while others hate it, likely because the design isn't flashy. Although the main set isn't that impressive, there are many good options to add into the mix! We started with the beautiful weapon, Soul Diffuser. For the shoulders, we chose Transversant Soul, and for the belt, we used Crescent Huntress. The total cost is USD 43.50!

Phantom Advent Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Queen of Pain - The Eminence of Ristul

The Eminence of Ristul is a true masterpiece, giving Queen of Pain a completely new, fresh, and badass look! This set is already excellently crafted and works well without any changes. However, we made a small adjustment by adding the new immortal shoulders, Bloodfeather Frock, which come in two styles that complement the arcana perfectly.

 The Eminence of Ristul Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Earthshaker - Planetfall

Planetfall is one of the earlier arcanas we received, added in The International 2019 Battle Pass—a very welcome arcana for a fun hero! The set distinguishes itself with its amazing effects and the lovely headpiece. To complete the set, we used the new 10th Anniversary Totem of Deep and the Bracers of the Cavern Luminar, which have a price tag of USD 1.50!

Planetfall Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Razor - Voidstorm Asylum

Voidstorm Asylum is a well-executed replica of Dota 1's Razor model, something we've seen Valve do with other arcanas as well. It doesn't have an amazing second style, but the exclusive arcana concept is truly unique, giving Razor a hurricane-type body. It's hard to incorporate new items into this set, but you can't go wrong with the Severing Crest headpiece, priced at only USD 5.50!

Voidstorm Asylum Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets

Io - Benevolent Companion

Benevolent Companion is an incredible arcana with an interesting history: a growing meme from the arcana vote that finally received its Arcana. The Io arcana is actually the only confirmed exclusive arcana and was made in collaboration with Portal. Sadly, since it's a one-piece hero, we can't create any combos with it!

Benevolent Companion Exclusive Arcana Mix Sets


Today's article was a journey into Dota 2's past and some of the best exclusive arcanas mix sets we've received from the beloved Battle Passes. We hope you enjoyed the combos, and don't forget: there is always hope!

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