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Best Green Stickers for Crafts - Counter-Strike 2

Find perfectly matching green stickers for crafts

Topic: Best Green Stickers for Crafts - Counter-Strike 2

In this article, we are exploring some of the best green stickers for CS2 sticker crafts. Between these 11 stickers, you are sure to find the perfect sticker for the skin you want to craft on and within the budget you are operating on!

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Sticker | Leaving the Station (Holo): $5.30

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To start off our list of the best green stickers in CS2, we have this super neat geometric sticker with a great holographic effect. The sticker features a geometric heart shape covered in references to the map Train(de_train) and topped off with a mostly green holo effect.

Sticker | Leaving the Station (Holo)

Sticker | Imperial Esports (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022: $0.79

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Next up, we have our first of many team stickers on this list. Imperial Esports has one of the most recognizable green logos in CS2 at the moment, and their glitter sticker from Antwerp 2022 makes for one of the best green stickers for crafts!

Sticker | Imperial Esports (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022

Sticker | Phoenix Balaclava Co. (Holo): $1.00

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The Phoenix Balaclava Co. sticker is relatively simple, making it perfect for crafts where you want the details of the skin to shine through. The sticker features a hexagon with a silhouette of a Balaclava and the words Phoenix Balaclava Co. over a black background, finished off with a green holographic effect and some blue and red accents around the edges.

Sticker | Phoenix Balaclava Co. (Holo)

Sticker | Entropiq | Stockholm 2021: $0.23

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The Sticker | Entropiq | Stockholm 2021 is very similar to some Imperial stickers, including the one we mentioned earlier on the list. Entropiq’s logo features an all-green design, and its much lighter appearance makes it great on bright skins.

Sticker | Entropiq | Stockholm 2021

Sticker | Team Spirit (Holo) | Katowice 2019: $9.95

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Looking for a detailed sticker for your green sticker craft? Look no further than the Team Spirit (Holo) from Katowice 2019, which features the green dragon of Team Spirit’s old logo on top of a circular green background that was featured on lots of Katowice 2019 stickers. This sticker is especially cool on the AWP | Atheris!

Sticker | Team Spirit (Holo) | Katowice 2019

Sticker | Flipsid3 Tactics | Boston 2018: $6.59

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If you have been around in the Counter-Strike scene for a while, you definitely know about Flipsid3 Tactics. Flipsid3 has played under one of the best green logos in CS2, and their sticker from Boston 2018 is especially amazing thanks to its solid green background!

Sticker | Flipsid3 Tactics | Boston 2018

Sticker | Optic Gaming | Atlanta 2017: $12.74

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Even if you haven’t been directly involved in CS2, you have probably heard of Optic Gaming before, and chances are you have seen their logo a few times. Their interlocking white O and green G logo is a perfect fit on tons of green skins, and like Flipsid3, their Atlanta 2017 sticker is extra special thanks to its solid green background.

Sticker | Optic Gaming | Atlanta 2017

Sticker | Flipsid3 Tactics | Cologne 2016: $6.00

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We couldn't get away with featuring just one Flipsid3 tactics sticker in this list of the best green stickers for crafts, so we decided to add their Cologne 2016 sticker as well. This one features the same logo as Cologne 2016’s super unique shattered glass background, which has a grey design with bright green highlights around the edges.

Sticker | Flipsid3 Tactics | Cologne 2016

Sticker | PGL (Holo) | Antwerp 2022: $1.11

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Major tournament stickers are often one of the most overlooked stickers when it comes to crafting, but they aren’t all bad! The PGL (Holo) from Antwerp 2022 has a super unique green color that fits really well on a lot of skins, and thanks to the neglect of the sticker, it is also very affordable!

Sticker | PGL (Holo) | Antwerp 2022

Sticker | MIBR (Foil) | Berlin 2019: $1.40

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MIBR has had a few variations of their logo over the years, but the one they played under for the Berlin 2019 major is our favorite! The logo is designed to match the Brazilian flag, which features a green base, and the whole logo is placed on top of a super cool green base of interlocking triangles! Plus, the foil effect makes the green sticker extra shiny, especially with CS2’s amazing lighting!

Sticker MIBR (Foil) | Berlin 2019

Sticker | Sprout Esports (Holo) | Rio 2022: $1.32

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Rounding off our list, we have an amazing holographic team sticker that is sure to fit with almost any green skin. Sprout’s completely green logo adds a simplistic, modern feel to any skin, the incredibly unique background from the Rio 2022 shines wonderfully in the light, and best of all, the sticker features one of the best green holo effects in the entire game!

Sticker | Sprout Esports (Holo) | Rio 2022


We hope that this list has helped you to find the best green sticker for your next CS2 craft! If you want to purchase any of these skins for yourself, check out our Skin Database, where you can find which sites offer the best prices for each of the stickers.

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