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Best Immortal Skins In Dota 2

Find some of the best immortal skins in Dota 2

Topic: Dota 2 Best Immortal Skins - Full Guide

Today, we take a look at some of the best Immortal skins in Dota 2. They are a significant part of the Dota 2 ecosystem, boasting numerous ambient effects and modified abilities. Enjoy the read, and don't get lost in the shine!

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God's Mercy - Mars

God's Mercy is an amazing Immortal shield piece for our beloved gladiator, Mars. The design of the shield is absolutely perfect, featuring Medusa's head plated onto it, likely from a glorious battle. The price tag for this piece is around USD 14.00!

God's Mercy - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Dragonclaw Hook - Pudge

Dragonclaw Hook is one of Dota 2's most recognizable skins both within its community and outside. Marking the insane Dendi fountain hook and serving as a popular exchange tool at the same time, it held a high price tag until the introduction of the trade hold in Dota 2. Today's price is around USD 196.00!

Dragonclaw Hook - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Righteous Thunderbolt - Zeus

Righteous Thunderbolt is the perfect weapon piece for Zeus, as it precisely represents his power: lightning! It provides a completely different feel when playing the hero. Instead of generating power with your tiny hands, you wield the full force of the thunder. The price is USD 18.00!

Righteous Thunderbolt - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Mace of Aeons - Faceless Void

Mace of Aeons is a beautiful weapon piece for Faceless Void, with a price tag that matches its name. Besides the impressive animation effect of the weapon itself, it also offers a stunning Chronosphere effect. An item of this caliber naturally comes with a price to match, at USD 345!

Mace of Aeons - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Golden Deepshock Destroyer - Tidehunter

Next up on our list of the best Immortal skins in Dota 2 is the Golden Deepshock Destroyer. This flashy back piece is perfect for Tidehunter. The design is quite minimalist, resembling a backpack crafted from a mine. Inside the mine, there's an unexpected octopus. The price tag for this back piece is a mere USD 1.14!

Golden Deepshock Destroyer - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Vigil Triumph - Sven

Vigil Triumph is arguably the most impressive weapon piece for Sven, boasting some incredible effects. The primary allure is its futuristic design, adorned with classy and shiny lights that travel around the blade. It's such a coveted skin. However, its price isn't the cheapest; it stands at USD 89.00!

Vigil Triumph - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Sylvan Vedette - Windranger

Sylvan Vedette is an incredible Dota 2 Immortal item with a highly impressive design and effects. The shoulder piece is a straightforward representation of a bird, symbolizing the eye of the hunter, the scout! Though the idea is simple, the moving bird of fire looks perfect. The price tag is USD 36.00!

Sylvan Vedette - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Piston Impaler - Bristleback

Piston Impaler is the ideal back piece cosmetic for Bristleback, transforming him into a genuine automatic firing machine! It boasts a meticulously crafted design with moving parts reminiscent of a real engine, complementing the inner fire perfectly. This item also alters the effect for quill spray and carries a price tag of USD 7.12!

Piston Impaler - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Axia of Metira - Mirana

Axia of Metira is an absolutely incredible Mirana mount with some astounding effects; it's certainly out of this world! The primary concept is a representation of a giant cat, strikingly similar to a lion with wings. The wings display a beautiful effect of purple stars. The price of this cosmetic is USD 84.00!

Axia of Metira - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2

Soul Shredder - Doom

Soul Shredder is a weapon skin that seems to come straight from hell, bringing with it all the fire! The design is relatively simple, but it looks fantastic: it's a guitar that also features Doom's head on it. The effects are quite impressive with abundant fire, complementing the hero perfectly. The price tag is USD 21.00!

Soul Shredder - Best Immortal Skins in Dota 2


Today's overview of some of the best Immortal skins in Dota 2 comes to an end, and we couldn't be more pleased with our ten choices. We wonder how many of these you'll acquire. Each piece requires its own set. To learn more about these, check out some of our other articles right below this paragraph.

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