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Best Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts

Check out 10 amazing Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts

Topic: Best Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts

Today we are turning back the clock all the way to February 2019 and the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major, which brought the CS:GO crafting community 460 new stickers to apply to their weapons. In the past 4 years, the community has had plenty of time to create some incredible crafts, and in this article, we rounded up the 10 best Katowice 2019 Crafts!

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Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden + 3x MIBR Holo

Taking the first spot on our list of the best Katowice 2019 sticker crafts uses a skin that was added to the game just a few months before the sticker was added. This craft combines the beautiful Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden with three holographic MIBR stickers, creating a color combination that fits beautifully with a green-themed inventory.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts MIBR Holos

AWP | Mortis + 4x Ninjas In Pyjamas (Holo)

This next craft is by far one of the best AWP crafts under $25, and features some of the best color matching that one can achieve in any sticker craft. The NIP logo perfectly matches the gold highlights around the AWP, and the sticker’s background and border perfectly match the base color of the Mortis.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts NiP Holos

AK-47 | Nightwish + FURIA (Holo)

The FURIA (Holo) sticker is definitely a gem of the Katowice 2019 stickers and is widely renowned as being the best sticker from the collection. It features a beautiful holographic rainbow design, making it perfect for the colorful AK-47 | Nightwish. The only downside to this craft is the cost, as the FURIA (Holo)’s popularity has skyrocketed its price to an astonishing $33.50.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts FURIA Holos

AK-47 | Empress + 4x Renegades

Like the combination of the AWP | Mortis and Ninjas in Pyjamas (Holo), this craft is a match made in heaven: the red Renegades logo fits wonderfully with the royal red highlights throughout the skin, while the golden background compliments the gold portions of the skin beautifully.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts Renegades Holos

M4A1-S | Guardian + 3x Vega Squadron

This Katowice 2019 craft is definitely more simplistic than the rest but is nonetheless a wonderful addition to any inventory and a must-have craft for any blue-themed inventory. The craft depends on the similarly colored blue sticker and blue skin, while the black outline on the Vega Squadron logo compliments the black grip and silencer on the gun.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts Vega Squadron Holos

USP-S | Cyrex + 4x FURIA

The holographic version of the FURIA | Katowice 2019 sticker isn’t the only good version of the sticker, and it turns out that the paper version is also very good in sticker crafts. Its simple black-and-white color scheme makes it an extremely easy sticker to craft with, and it fits especially well with the USP-S | Cyrex, which features a black base with some white highlights.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts FURIA Holos

M4A4 | Magnesium + 3x Greyhound Gaming

This next Katowice 2019 craft may just be the most obvious craft on the list: a combination of gray, with the Greyhound Gaming logo matching the flame decal on the gun and the border of the sticker matching the gray base of the gun. But nonetheless, this craft is still absolutely stunning and an awesome addition to the M4A4 | Magnesium which is rather boring on its own.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts Greyhound Holos

M4A4 | Desert Strike + 3x Ninjas in Pyjamas

Coming up next we have another 3x M4A4 craft, however, this one is slightly more impressive in our opinion. The tan Ninjas in Pyjamas logo and sticker border perfectly compliments the sand-colored Desert Strike to create a beautiful color match that turns a relatively boring gun into one with a lot more character.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts NiP Holos

AK-47 | Red Laminate + 4x HellRaisers

Ever since HellRaisers began playing in Majors, their red logo has been applied to Red Laminates thousands of times, and this time is no different. The red sticker and logo complement the red skin, while the empty black space behind the logo compliments the black stock of the skin. By some miracle, this beautiful red craft exists just 5 times!

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts HellRaisers Holos

M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-s + 4x Team Spirit (Holo)

To round off our list of the best Katowice 2019 sticker crafts, we have a craft that not only features some excellent color matching but also some theme matching. Not only does the green and yellow of the Team Spirit logo in their holographic Katowice 2019 sticker match almost perfectly with the green and yellow body of the skin, but the iconic Team Spirit dragon somewhat matches the vibe of the dinosaur peeking out of the M4A1-S.

Katowice 2019 Sticker Crafts Spirit Holos


Thank you for reading through our collection of some of the best Katowice 2019 sticker crafts! If you want to suggest some other tournament crafts, feel free to join the EsportFire Community Discord.

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