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Best Looking Battle-Scarred Skins in CS2

A list of some great looking Battle-Scarred skins in CS2

Topic: Best Looking Battle-Scarred Skins in CS2

When discussing skins, terms like “Battle-Scarred” may leave a bad taste in the mouth of skin enjoyers. But sometimes, these war-torn skins may offer a unique and surprisingly better look than their Factory New counterparts. In today's article, we’ll be shining a light on this underappreciated condition and discussing the 10 best high float skins in CS2.

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P250 | Verdigris (Battle-Scarred): $0.21

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As the P250 | Veredgris wears, its copper color begins to “Oxidize” into a beautiful bluish-green. Thanks to CS2 and its brightness, this skin shines in the sun to create an alluring murky water quality. Combine this with a few dark blue or green stickers, and you’ll have a fantastic craft at an affordable price!

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Verdigris

M4A1-S | Night Terror (Battle-Scarred): $1.07

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The M4A1-s Night Terror is the ultimate choice for budget-conscious M4A1-S users. While the skin alone already has a chilling and ominous theme, the skin’s dark tone becomes increasingly pronounced as its condition worsens. As the skin matures, it darkens and becomes purplish, revealing more haunting imperfections.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Night Terror

AWP | Black Nile (Battle-Scarred): $1.56

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Introduced in the Anubis Collection, the AWP | Black Nile goes from black in its Factory New condition to gold as it wears. The shine of CS2 makes this skin glow like no other AWP skin in the game for a relatively low price.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Black Nile

MAG-7 | Firestarter (Battle-Scarred): $0.41

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Next up in our list for the best Battle-Scarred skins in CS2 is the MAG-7 | Firestarter which sticks true to its name. As the skin wears, it appears as though the skin itself turns to flames. The Firestarter got a significant improvement in CS2 as it developed a sleeker, matt-black finish, similar to the Blaze skins.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Firestarter

SSG 08 | Abyss (Battle-Scarred): $0.08

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The SSG-08 | Abyss is used by many yet underappreciated in its Battle-Scarred form. As the skin wears, its blue turns to green, and it's dark background lightens. This creates a genuinely different-looking skin than its Factory New counterpart. This is also the perfect skin for those who are trying to stand out, as this is a pattern-based skin. Each pattern is unique, so mixing this with your own sticker craft can make skin like no other.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Abyss

Tec-9 | Hades (Battle-Scarred): $27.42

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This Tec-9 skin has hidden secrets only revealed in Battle-Scarred condition. As the float increases, skulls begin to replace the once-warriors covering the skin. The whitish background darkens, and scars start to show up, giving the illusion of the aftermath of a battle.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Hades

AWP | Atheris (Battle-Scarred): $1.48

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As the AWP | Atheris begins to wear, its black background dissolves, leaving a serpent wrapped around what appears to be the default AWP. Similarly, the paint on the scope dissolves, revealing a blank, black scope. For such a cheap price for an AWP skin, the Atheris is a must-have.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Atheris

P2000 | Imperial Dragon (Battle-Scarred): $2.29

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The P2000 | Imperial Dragon maintains its elegance as it wears, transitioning from a bright orange and yellow to a smooth pinkish-red. The P2000 may not be used as much as the USP-S, but with the increase in usage due to CS2, the P200 is a must-need. With hardly any scars or signs of damage, this is one of the best Battle-Scarred skins out there.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Imperial Dragon

AK-47 | The Empress (Battle-Scarred): $19.81

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The Battle-Scarred AK-47 | The Empress got a significant upgrade in CS2. Thanks to CS2 and its brightness, each color shines through in a way you rarely see in Battle-Scarred skins. The paint finish also seems to have changed from CS:GO, as this skin reflects light way more than it did before. With a $150 difference between the Factory New and Battle-Scarred conditions, this is a fantastic play skin at a reasonable price.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - The Empress

P90 | Death Grip (Battle-Scarred): $5.03

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Similar to the Tec-9 | Hades, the P90 | Death Grip reveals hidden secrets as it wears. In Factory New, the skin portrays a series of overlapping hands on a blue background. However, as the skin wears, the blue background begins to fade, and what's left is a lonely canvas filled with the hands of skeletons. While it does lose its color, this skin gains very few scratches in Battle-Scarred and will give your loadout a unique twist.

Best Battle Scarred Skins - Death Grip


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