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Best MLG Columbus 2016 Sticker Crafts

Ten amazing MLG Columbus 2016 Counter-Strike crafts

Topic: Best MLG Columbus 2016 Sticker Crafts

Welcome everybody to some of the best MLG Columbus 2016 sticker crafts. Today we're going to take a look at some amazing, well-fitting crafts you might want to craft yourself! We regularly organize different events for our Twitter and Discord community and some of the best suggested MLG crafts are featured in today's article.

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AUG Syd Mead 4* MLG Columbus G2 (Holos)

First up for our best MLG Columbus 2016 crafts is an AUG Syd Mead with four G2 (Holos) applied to it. The red color schemes of the skin and stickers matches perfectly while the Holo effect makes the mainly metallic AUG a bit more special.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - G2 (Holos)

USP-S The Traitor 4* MLG Columbus Astralis (Holos)

Next up is an USP-S The Traitor with four MLG Columbus 2016 Astralis (Holos) applied to it. The perfect red color match makes the already unique USP-S skin even more special and beautiful!

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Astralis (Holos)

AUG Flame Jörmungandr 4* MLG Columbus Splye (Holos)

You might be surprised to see another MLG Columbus 2016 AUG craft but the golden/orange Splyce (Holo) fits the AUG Flame Jörmungandr, which got released together with the Norse collection, simply perfectly.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Splyce (Holos)

Desert Eagle Midnight Storm 4* MLG Columbus Cloud9 (Holos)

Let us continue with a unique pistol craft. The Desert Eagle Midnight Storm has a shiny bluish effect. What sticker could match that better than the Cloud9 (Holo)?

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Cloud9 (Holos)

Galil AR Eco 4* MLG Columbus Flipsid3 (Foils)

It's time for a Foil MLG Columbus 2016 craft. That's where the Galil AR Eco comes in play. The green style of the skin matches the Flipsid3 Foil, but also Paper quite perfectly.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Flipsid3 (Foils)

AK-47 Leet Museo 4* MLG Columbus 2016 Liquid (Holos)

The following is the first out of four AK-47 MLG Columbus crafts in today's article. The AK-47 Leet Museo is hard to combine but the Team Liquid (Holo) sticker brings in everything needed to make an amazing craft!

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Liquid (Holos)

AK-47 Empress 4* MLG Columbus 2016 Splyce (Holos)

Next up is my personal favorite craft of all time. The AK-47 Empress is one of the shiniest and most beautiful skins in Counter-Strike and matches just perfectly with the color theme of the Splyce (Holo) sticker.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Splyce (Holos)

MAG-7 BI83 Spectrum 4* MLG Columbus EnVyUs (Holos)

Let's continue with an MLG Columbus 2016 Heavy sticker craft. The MAG-7 BI83 Spectrum is a very unique and colorful skin and thus hard to combine with stickers. The MLG 2016 EnVyUs (Holo) surely is one of the best options, creating a quite stunning combination in-game!

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - EnVyUs (Holos)

AK-47 Bloodsport 4* MLG Columbus G2 (Holos)

An absolute classic top-tier MLG Columbus 2016 craft is the AK-47 Bloodsport with four G2 (Holo) stickers applied to it! Everything about this craft feels right. Such a perfect match.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - G2 (Holos)

MP9 Ruby Poison Dart 4* MLG Columbus G2 (Holos)

But, the G2 (Holos) don't only look great on the AK-47 Bloodsport, but also the MP9 Ruby Poison Dart. The mostly red skin highlights the shiny red G2 stickers in an exceptional way.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - G2 (Holos)

AK-47 Redline 4* MLG Columbus FaZe (Papers)

For all the paper and budget skin crafters out there we chose an all-time classic that got crafted regularly like close to nothing else when the MLG Columbus 2016 Major stickers first entered the market. We're talking about an AK-47 Redline combined with four FaZe (Paper) stickers.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - FaZe (Papers)

USP-S Orange Anolis 4* MLG Columbus NAVI (Holos)

Next on our list is a super unique, but amazingly matching craft. The rather new USP-S Orange Anolis, which got released in mid-2021, builds the perfect background for the yellow shine of the NAVI (Holo) stickers.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - NAVI (Holos)

USP-S Blueprint 4* MLG Columbus EnVyUs (Holos)

If you prefer a blue CT loadout, we got you covered as well! The next USP-S skin features an affordable sticker craft made in heaven. The EnVyUs (Holos) fit the skin like close to non other sticker in the game.

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - EnVyUs (Holos)

Famas Meltdown 4* MLG Columbus NAVI (Holos)

All NAVI fans will be happy to see another craft with their favorite team. The Famals Meltdown has a radioactive, yellow design that matches some MLG Columbus 2016 NAVI (Holos) better than most other skins out there!

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - NAVI (Holos)

Glock-18 Reactor 4* MLG Columbus 2016 Splyce (Holos)

As a counterpart to the two USP-S crafts we logically also wanna showcase you a Glock-18 crafts that you might wanna craft yourself to upgrade your t-side loadout. This Glock-18 Reactor and the Splyce (Holos) are nothing but perfectly made for each it!

Best MLG Columbus Crafts - Splyce (Holos)


We hope you enjoyed today's article about some of the best MLG Columbus 2016 sticker crafts and found something you might want to craft yourself! If you do so, feel free to tag us on Twitter. Have a wonderful rest of your day, our other latest articles can be found right below this paragraph.

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