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Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts - March 2024

Craft-Alert: Best New CS2 Crafts

Topic: Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts - March 2024

New Counter-Strike skins and crafts keep popping up each month, with new player record peaks happening every week. That is why we also wanted to keep you updated with some of the best new CS2 sticker crafts that players from the community have made in the past two weeks. If you’d like to be featured in one of the future “Community Sticker Crafts,” be sure to tag us on your Twitter posts about the crafts you’ve done. Enough with the intro, enjoy the read.

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Desert Eagle Sputnik + Cologne 2014 Titan (Holo)

Beginning with @0nionMuncher’s pistol craft. The Desert Eagle Sputnik with pattern ID #175 got one Titan Cologne 2014 (Holo) sticker applied to the best possible position. What a lovely use of a pattern template to get this amazing craft. The total cost is around USD 120.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

AWP Oni Taiji + 1* Katowice 2014 3DMAX (Holos)

Second new craft on today’s agenda is a StatTrak AWP Oni Taiji owned by @aBeeQewCS. The final touch that @aBeeQewCS did was applying the final, fourth sticker on the back position of the AWP making it a one-out-of-one craft. The current price of one 3DMAX Katowice 2014 (Holo) sticker is approximately USD 3500.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

XM1014 Elegant Vines + mixed (Papers)

Another crafter that showed us amazing use of the new concept of sticker crafting in Counter-Strike is @Aaron_CS2. They have decided to craft three Flipsid3 Tactics Cluj-Napoca 2015 and two Vexed Gaming Cluj-Napoca 2015 stickers on XM1014 Elegant Vines with pattern ID 379. With this ID, we can see a red flower on the body of XM which hasn’t been covered due to the new sticker crafting performance. Estimated cost of this craft is USD 30.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

Five-SeveN Silver Quartz + 4* bodyy (Papers)

Not many people decide to apply and then scrape the same stickers they put on the gun, but @SughCS isn’t one of those. Here is where we can see four bodyy signature stickers from the Boston 2018 Major stickers in paper version being applied to a Five-SeveN Silver Quartz skin from the Safehouse collection and getting scraped right after to match the skin pattern itself. Lovely idea, but what do we think of the execution? Was it worth the total amount of USD 5?

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

Zeus x27 Olympus + 1 * Katowice 2015 KeyD Stars (Holo)

Following the Five-SeveN craft, we have @n1co_kato15’s Zeus x27 Olympus from the newest Kilowatt case. One KeyD Stars (Holo) sticker from Katowice 2015 got applied on the head of the Zeus with the name-tag “Alexander the Great”. The story behind this one is that he was the Macedonian King who was known as the son of Zeus. A very creative craft that costs nowadays around USD 230.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

XM1014 Tranquility + 5* Paris 2023 MOUZ (Holos)

When we talk about @JabGG_ and his crafts, we all know they are going to deliver. The same goes for this XM1014 Tranquility with five MOUZ (Holo) stickers from the Paris 2023 Major tournament. It’s also interesting to see how MOUZ stickers are highly wanted in the community as they are getting used for crafts a lot ever since they introduced new stickers with the new logo. The craft cost is around USD 35.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

AWP Chrome Canon + 1 * Flammable (Foil)

Another day, another @leafycs Minimal Wear special craft. A Flammable (Foil) sticker got applied to the scope of a 0.104 AWP Chrome Canon from the Kilowatt case, which cost around USD 110.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

AWP Black Nile + 5* Paris 2023 Fluxo (Golds)

Let's continue with another one. But, this time around it's a five-time craft, in fact @prejDuck1e decided to apply five Fluxo (Gold) stickers from the Paris 2023 Counter-Strike Major on the Factory New AWP Black Nile from the Anubis collection. Applying five of these stickers costs a total of USD 12.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

AK-47 Inheritance + 4 * Crown (Foils)

We have seen a plethora of crafts done on the skins from the latest Counter-Strike case. This also counts for @MewoMewoCS, who applied four Crown (Foil) stickers on the new AK-47 Inheritance, making it a one-out-of-one craft, as of now. The estimated cost of these four stickers at the time of applying is USD 2200.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

M4A4 Wild Lily + 5 * Dragon Lore (Foils)

The final craft of today’s article goes to @dual_csgo. Once again, we are surprised by how creative people from the Counter-Strike X Community are. Mr. Dual applied five Dragon Lore (Foil) stickers on the M4A4 Wild Lily in Factory New condition. This craft is worth around USD 55.

Best New CS2 Sticker Crafts March 2024

Writers favorite

The amazing usage of pattern-based skin from @0nionMuncher would probably be on the top of today’s ten sticker crafts we’ve picked to showcase for you. A final touch from @aBeeQewCS to make his AWP a four-time is something I highly adore in the crafting community. Sick AWP! On the last, third place of the podium, I’d like to put @n1co_kato15's Zeus x27 craft, which he named “Alexander the Great”. A phenomenal craft.


We hope today’s article about some of the best new CS2 sticker crafts inspired you to maybe make some crafts yourself. The fact that we can now rotate and apply stickers to any place on the in-game weapons gives us an amazing opportunity to unleash our creativity. We are looking forward to seeing new crafts that we will feature in upcoming “Community Sticker Crafts” articles. Don’t forget to tag @CS2Crafts and @esportfirecom to get a chance to be included.

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