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Best Orange Stickers for Crafts - CS2

Find the best orange stickers for crafts

Topic: Best Orange Stickers for Crafts - CS2

In this article, we are taking a look at some of the best orange stickers for crafts in CS2. With 10 options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect sticker for your desired budget and skin of choice!

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Sticker | Apeks (Holo) | Paris 2023: $2.31

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One of the most beloved Paris 2023 stickers among the CS2 community is the Apeks (Holo), which features the clean, geometric Apeks logo finished off with one of the best holographic effects of all time. The sticker fits wonderfully on all types of orange guns, and creates a really cool contrast with black guns.

Apeks Paris 2023 - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Tyloo (Holo) | Stockholm 2021: $17.61

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In terms of producing great holographic stickers, Stockholm 2021 may have been the greatest major of all time, and Tyloo's holographic sticker from the major may just be their best yet of all time, which is saying a lot considering how many amazing stickers Tyloo has produced. The intricate logo and perfect holo effect make for an absolutely beautiful sticker.

Tyloo Stockholm 2021 - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Incineration (Holo): $3.81

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This next sticker features a fiery skull design with lighter orange holo effect that truly fits wonderfully with any skin. The stickers design works with orange skins, white skins, black skins, skins with flame or skull designs, and so much more, making it one of the most versatile orange stickers ou there.

Incineration (Holo) - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Copenhagen Flames (Holo) | Stockholm 2021: $6.98

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We aren’t quite done with Stockholm 2021 holos yet, not when there are so many options to choose from! Next up is the Copenhagen Flames (Holo), which features the simple yet unique logo of the recently disbanded Copenhagen Flames organization in combination with an excellent fiery orange holo finish.

Copenhagen Flames Stockholm - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Flame Buttery (Holo): $4.72

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The Flame Buttery (Holo) sticker features one of the coolest and most unique designs offered by any orange sticker on this list. The contrast between matte black and fiery orange over the retro sign design makes for a great option for an orange sticker craft.

Flame Buttery - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Heresy (Holo): $1.25

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Next up for our list of the best orange stickers in CS is the Sticker | Heresy (Holo) from the Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule, which is both unique and affordable! The sticker features a black circle with a fiery orange “Heresy” in the center above an orange dragon and Latin text around the border. The contrast between the orange and black allows the sticker to fit with skins of all designs and colors.

Heresy - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Virtus.Pro | Atlanta 2017: $4.23

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Naturally, we couldn't go through a list of orange stickers without mentioning Virtus.Pro! Their iconic orange, white, and black polar bear logo may be the most recognizable orange logo in CS2 aside from Fnatic, and their Atlanta 2017 sticker is the best for crafts due to its solid orange background design.

VirtusPro Atlanta 2017 - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | PashaBiceps | Krakow 2017: $2.96

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If we feature a Virtus.Pro team sticker, we can’t get away without mentioning one of their most famous players: Papa Muscles himself. His elegant white signature over the orange background of his Krakow 2017 sticker is one of the best orange signature stickers in CS2!

PashaBiceps Krakow 2017 - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Fnatic (Holo) | Boston 2018: $12.00

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We mentioned Fnatic already, but we have yet to feature one of their stickers. Not for long, however, because the next sticker is their incredible Boston 2018 team sticker, which features the iconic orange Fnatic logo over a solid orange background that fits wonderfully with all kinds of orange guns!

Fnatic Boston 2018 - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts

Sticker | Lets Roll-oll (Holo)

To round off our list of the best orange stickers for CS2 crafts, we have a sticker that is unique in comparison with a lot of the other stickers featured in this article. The sticker features an ovular base with fires on the top left and bottom right and cursive text reading “Lets Roll-oll,” all finished off with an elegant light orange holographic design that may surprise you when you see how well it fits in sticker crafts!

Lets Roll-oll - Best Orange Stickers for Crafts


We hope that this article about the best orange stickers for crafts has assisted you in your search to find the best orange sticker for your next CS2 craft! If you want to craft with any of these stickers, you can find which marketplaces offer the best prices on them using our Skin Database.

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