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Best Paris 2023 Sticker Crafts

15 Amazing Paris 2023 Major Sticker Crafts

Topic: Best Paris 2023 Sticker Crafts

With the 2023 Blast Major in Paris, France right around the corner, Counter-Strike devs have blessed the community with 576 new stickers for the major: signatures, team logos, and a beautiful tournament sticker, all of which are available in 4 conditions: paper(regular), glitter, holo, and gold. Within minutes, thousands of devoted skin enthusiasts began theorizing crafts with the new stickers, and some of them are stunning. Without further ado, let's take a look at 15 of the best crafts using the Paris 2023 stickers.

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AK-47 | Point Disarray + 4x Into The Breach (Holo)

While some are upset that many of the stickers look the same as Antwerp and Stockholm, they seem to have failed to notice all the new stickers we have never seen before. One of these is the sticker for Into The Breach, a team that is attending their first Major in Paris. The holographic version of their sticker features a blue and red color scheme, making it a perfect fit on the unique blue, red, and white pattern of the Point Disarray.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Point Disarray

UMP-45 | Momentum + 4x Into The Breach (Holo)

But it doesn't end there! The colors of the Into The Breach (Holo) also fit perfectly on the UMP-45 | Momentum, another classic red, white, and blue skin. The best part about this craft is that upon inspecting the skin, the sticker on the red part of the skin glows red, while the stickers on the blue part glow blue, making a perfect color match!

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Momentum

M4A1-S | Nitro + 4x Apeks (Holo)

Another team bringing us brand new stickers with a logo we have never seen in-game before is Apeks, who have not only qualified for their first major but also their first S-Tier tournament! Their holographic orange logo fits perfectly on the black body of the Nitro, complimenting the orange sections of the skin.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Nitro

MAC-10 | Amber Fade + 4x Blast.tv (Holo)

Yet another logo that we have never seen in the game is the tournament logo of Blast.tv, which many have claimed is the best official tournament sticker of all time! The sticker features one of the Blast.tv’s characters in yellow and orange with the words “BLAST.TV MAJOR” and an image of the Blast Premier logo. This sticker happens to work wonderfully with the amber fade skins, especially the MAC-10, but we invite you to experiment with the craft using the Galil, Sawed Off, AUG, and other Amber Fade skins! Let's continue with some more amazing Paris 2023 sticker crafts.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Amber Fade

MP9 | Mount Fuji + 4x The MongolZ (Holo)

These new team stickers continue to shine! This craft combines the beautiful artwork of the MP9 | Mount Fuji with the identically colored holographic sticker from The MongolZ, who are attending their first Counter-Strike Major(however the team was formed from the former IHC squad who played in the Antwerp and Rio majors last year). The uniquely colored sticker matches wonderfully with the pink sky and blue mountain pictured on the MP9 | Mount Fuji.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Mount Fuji

Five-SeveN | Scrawl + 4x Monte (Holo)

This next Paris craft uses a skin from the Dreams and Nightmares Case that is very difficult to craft with, but the crafter still managed to make a beautiful craft by combining the skin with four of the holo stickers from Monte. Monte’s sticker features their new logo, which uses Ukraine’s coat of arms with a Ukrainian flag in the middle. The yellow and blue sticker matches perfectly with the very unique color scheme and pattern of the Scrawl.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Scrawl

CZ75-Auto | Pole Position + 4x Into The Breach (Glitter)

We can't seem to get enough of these new Into The Breach stickers! The red logo works incredibly in unison with the red highlights of the Pole Position. This craft can be done with both paper and glitter stickers, however, we thought that the glitter sticker enhances the craft since the texture of the sticker is relatively similar to the checkered flag on the Pole Position.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Pole Position

Five SeveN | Orange Peel + 4x Fnatic (Holo)

While many of the crafts on this list use stickers from teams that have never been to a major before, Fnatic is not one of those teams. This will be their 16th major, and they have already won three of them in the past. The craft relies on the simple color matching between the orange Five SeveN and the orange Fnatic logo, but despite its simplicity, is still an impressive Paris sticker craft!

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Orange Peel

G3SG1 | Flux + 5x Fluxo (Holo)

Next up is yet another craft with a sticker from a team attending their first major. This craft is not only cool due to the color matching between the purple holographic Fluxo sticker and the purple and white G3SG1, but because of the similarity between the skin and the sticker: Flux and Fluxo!

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Flux

MP7 | Neon Ply + 4x Complexity Gaming (Holo)

Like Fnatic, Complexity Gaming is another one of those teams who has been around for some time. This craft combines their Paris 2023 holographic sticker with a very colorful skin to make a super nice craft. Thanks to the MP7’s sticker positioning, the sticker over the red part of the skin appears red when inspecting, while the rest of the stickers appear blue to match the lines throughout the skin.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Neon Ply

MP5-SD | Phosphor + 4x Complexity Gaming (Holo)

But the MP7 isn’t the only SMG that combines Complexity Gaming (Holo) to create a great craft! This MP5-SD craft uses the MP5 | Phosphor from the Danger Zone case, which features a blue base. The blue Complexity logo fits perfectly with this base color to create a wonderful craft.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Phosphor

USP-S | Torque + 4x Blast.tv

As mentioned before, the Blast.tv tournament sticker features one of the Blast.tv “characters,” but unlike the holographic version of the sticker, the paper version is yellow and white, making it a perfect fit for the USP | Torque, which is made up of black, yellow, and white.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Torque

Galil AR | Signal + 4x rigon (Holo)

One team that we have yet to see so far on this list is Bad News Eagles, a team that has consistently beat the odds and cemented itself as a top-20 team without the help of an organization. The team’s entry fragger: rigon, has a beautiful holographic sticker for the blast major, with a thick black signature over the BNE logo. This combination of colors combines with the Galil AR | Signal which features a fusion of red and black to make a stunning sticker craft.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Signal

MP5-SD | Agent + 4x NIP (Holo)

Next up is another team that has been around in the Counter-Strike scene for some time. This year their sticker, which features the classic NiP logo that has changed a bit over the years and has a greenish-yellow color, but when inspected, shows a little bit of blue and purple. Because of this, the skin is a perfect fit on the MP5-SD | Agent, which features a blue base with yellow text and highlights.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Agent

UMP | Wild Child + 4x Furia (Holo)

Furia’s holographic sticker for the Blast.tv Paris Major has been the center of much excitement due to its unpredicted color scheme. Rather than being black and green like it was in Antwerp and Stockholm, the sticker is blue and pink, making it a perfect fit on the UMP | Wild Child. This craft is especially perfect for all fans of the Brazilian team, since the sticker placement makes it appear as though the crown on the Wild Child has been placed on the head of the Furia logo.

Paris 2023 Sticker Craft Wild Child


Thank you for reading through our list of the best Paris 2023 sticker crafts. If you want to make any of these crafts yourself, we suggest that you wait until the sticker prices settle down so that you can save some money on them. We are currently hosting a Discord event where some of the crafts above got showcased, feel free to participate by joining the EsportFire Community Discord.

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