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Best Pink Stickers for Crafts in CS2

Find the best pink stickers for CS2 crafts

Topic: Best Pink Stickers for Crafts in CS2

In this article, we are taking a look at 10 of the best pink stickers for crafts in CS2! From papers to foils and a wide collection of budget-friendly choices, you are sure to find the perfect pink sticker for your next pink CS2 craft.

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Sticker | 9INE (Holo) | Paris 2023: $1.35

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Starting off this list is a new face in the CS2 scene: 9INE. This was their first ever CS2 sticker and they did a great job with it, combining a super neat black and white logo with a sleek pink holographic effect. This sticker happens to go really well with a specific skin: can you guess what it is?

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - 9INE (Holo) | Paris 2023

Sticker | The MongolZ (Holo) | Paris 2023: $0.23

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We are opting for a bold move with this one: back to back Paris holos. The MongolZ has a super neat logo that matches the team’s background and name, and their Paris 2023 holo sticker takes that amazing logo and throws an excellent pink finish on top of it to make it a great budget-friendly pink sticker.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - The MongolZ (Holo) Paris 2023

Sticker | Unicorn (Holo): $2.11

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Although pink doesn't make up the largest surface area of the sticker, it most definitely stands out the most of the range of colors featured in the Unicorn (Holo) from the Enfu Sticker Capsule. The sticker features a simple design of a unicorn with a bright pink outline and rainbow hair.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - Unicorn (Holo)

Sticker | Ace Clutch Co. (Holo): $0.64

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Pink and white are a color match made in heaven, making this sticker a must-use if you want a pink and white-sticker craft. The Ace Clutch Co. (Holo) features a checkered pink and purple background with white text, overlapped wrenches in the center, and other white designs around the skin.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - Ace Clutch Co. (Holo)

Sticker | sk0R (Holo) | Paris 2023: $0.86

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Every single player on The MongolZ entered the Paris 2023 Major with a win before the games even began: they had some of the best autograph stickers in the entire tournament. We chose to feature sk0R’s unique signature which, just like the rest of The MongolZ is covered with an insanely well-designed neon pink holograph.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - sk0R (Holo) | Paris 2023

Sticker | BIG (Holo) | Stockholm 2021: $3.03

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Now that we are finished with Paris 2023 stickers, we can move on to some other majors that also featured some of the best pink stickers for crafts in CS2. For Stockholm 2021, the champion is clear: BIG, whose logo and unique circular design is covered in a holographic haze of shiny pink, blue, and yellow.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - BIG (Holo) | Stockholm 2021

Sticker | Bubble Gum Skill Surf (Holo): $5.71

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This sticker is the perfect fit for its collection: the Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection. The sticker is relatively simplistic, with a circular black background, a fine yellow line creating a margin, and the words Skill Surf in wavy pink text. The sticker is a great option for bridging the gap between a dark skin and a bright sticker.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - Bubble Gum Skill Surf (Holo)

Sticker | Heroic (Holo) | Rio 2022: $0.58

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If you only read the name of this sticker and are aware of Heroic, you may be a bit confused. After all, Heroic’s logo is red, not pink. However, their Rio 2022 holo sticker has a super unique pink background, allowing for subtle integration of pink into your next sticker craft!

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - Heroic (Holo) | Rio 2022

Sticker | JaCkz (Holo) | Antwerp 2022: $0.69

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This next sticker shares a common ground with the previous one: pink is not the main focus of the sticker. JaCkz’s holo sticker from Antwerp 2022 features a contrast of his thick bright blue signature over a pink background, making for a great way to blend blue into pink skin, or pink into blue skin.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - JaCkz (Holo) | Antwerp 2022

Sticker | Aces High (Holo): $2.68

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If you are looking for subtle pink that doesn't stand out too much, then the Aces High (Holo) is the way to go. The sticker features a skeleton over a spade with the words Aces and High on either side of it. The spade has a gentle pink haze over it, and the words on the sticker are pink, making for a well-executed combination of dark and pink.

Best Pink Stickers CS2 - Aces High (Holo)


We hope that after reading this article, you have found the best pink sticker for your next CS2 craft! If you want to find the best stickers in other colors, you can find those, along with tons of other content, under the Articles tab in the header at the top of the page.

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